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October 2023 Student of the Month

Nick Leibold

Nicholas is the son of Jason and Tammie Leibold. Nicholas says his family has been a huge influence on his life, “My family has been a huge influence on me. My parents have encouraged me to be true to myself. They have raised me with a strong faith, good work ethic, and they have always told me that whatever I start I have to finish. I enjoy going pheasant hunting with my family, snowmobiling in Idaho, and working side by side with my family working on my dad’s tree business.”

Outside of school Nicholas is very active with his church. He attends every Youth Group activity and has been on multiple mission trips to places as close as Wisconsin and as far away as Jamaica. When asked to elaborate about his mission trips, Nicholas responded with this, “While on these mission trips, I have helped the community through working to restore an old community center, cleaning up the local parks, as well as just being a friend at an adult day care center.  I enjoyed the mission trips we took to an all-boys home in Jamaica as a family. While in Jamaica, we worked on many things from building the boys' new bunk beds, repairing windows and screens, as well as painting a water tower. The best part was bonding with the boys and teaching them skills my dad taught me.”

When asked what his favorite class in school has been, Nicholas responded with Landscaping, “My favorite class was Landscaping. It was a hands-on class that got your hands dirty. It taught me things that I will need to know outside of school and in the real world. I would most definitely suggest this class to other kids because it teaches you things that you don't learn in your standard classes.”

As for a teacher that has left an impact on him, Nicholas’ response was Mr. Koenig. “One of the most influential teachers that I have had would have to be Mr. Koenig, who was my 9th, 10th and 11th grade English teacher. What I liked most about Mr. Koenig, was that he would really take time out of the class period to work with you one on one until you fully understood what we were working on for that day. He would also take time to get to know each and every kid in the class. Mr. Koenig is not only my English teacher, he is also my Student Council Adviser and he is also one of my FCA advisers (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).”

While attending Royalton, Nicholas has been involved in a number of different activities such as: FCA, Student Council, YES Club, Cross Country, Wrestling and Baseball. This is what Nicholas has to say about his involvement with all his activities, “I really like all of these activities, but I would have to say my most favorite would be wrestling, because the team aspect of wrestling is great. I also like the discipline part of the sport because it challenges you to always get better than the day before.”

Nicholas’ favorite memory of high school has been when the Royalton Wrestling Team made it to the Class A State Championship match his sophomore year. “We ended up second in the State as a team, but the experience of being in the State Championship as a team was the best feeling ever. Just to know that your team is one of the best in the state is beyond crazy.”

After high school Nicholas plans to work full time for his dad’s business “Jays Tree Care & Firewood.” His long term goal is to take over the business with my older brothers and continue building what my dad established.

When asked if Nicholas had any advice for incoming freshmen this is what he had to say, “High school is going to go by extremely fast, so my advice for incoming freshmen is to enjoy the moment while it lasts and do not wish it away.”

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