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Transportation Office Contact Information


To ensure the safe and efficient transportation for all Royalton School District students, the following rules are in effect for all students and routes regardless of the type of transportation used.


According to MN Statute 121A.59 BUS TRANSPORTATION IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT, this state law notes that “Transportation by school bus is a privilege not a right for an eligible student. A student's eligibility to ride a school bus may be revoked for a violation of school bus safety or conduct policies, or for violation of any other law governing student conduct on a school bus, pursuant to a written school district discipline policy.”


Registration is required for each student who will be riding the bus to and/or from school. To register a student, please complete the forms on Skyward Family Access for each of your students.


Students are required to ride their assigned bus from their assigned bus stop only. If you would like your child to ride the bus to or from a location other than their assigned bus stop, we require a written note in advance to ensure we transport your child to the correct location. Please remember that we transport hundreds of students each day and we have each student listed at a specific bus stop or address. If a change is required, for any reason, we need written authorization from the parent/guardian before the scheduled bus time or your child will be picked up/ dropped off at their scheduled stop only. Please instruct your child to give the note to the school office who will then provide a bus pass to your child. In the event of a last-minute emergency, you can contact your child's school secretary to request a change for that day only.


All school bus and van routes are scheduled to provide efficient and consistent transportation for all students. If your child is not going to be riding the bus, for any reason, we ask that the parent/guardian call Royalton Transportation at 320-584-4255 to notify us of the change. 

To report a change of address, please go onto Skyward Family Access and make the change there.

Walking Distances to School

MN Statute 123B.88 dictates student eligibility for student transportation and therefore walking distances. In any district, the board must arrange for the attendance of all pupils living two miles or more from the school, except pupils whose student transportation privileges have been voluntarily surrendered or have been revoked.

Walking Distance to the Bus Stop

As nice as it would be to have bus stops within eyesight of your home or daycare, this is not always feasible. Bus stops are located with the safety of each student in mind, first and foremost.  Bus stops are generally located so no student has to walk further than 3 blocks from their home or daycare. To help make the bus stop as safe as possible, we recommend that a parent or neighborhood volunteer waits with younger students until the bus arrives at the bus stop. Students that live in rural areas will be picked up at the end of the driveway unless the stop is .5 miles or greater in length.

Requirements to make a turn-a-round at the top of the driveway: 

- the driveway is a minimum of 12 feet wide

- the driveway is built with a stable material such as class V gravel, asphalt, or concrete.

- In addition, the driveway must be properly maintained. 

An evaluation must be made by the transportation department before a turn-a-round is approved.


State law and district policy make families and the school jointly responsible for transportation safety. Therefore, I ask you to join us in reviewing rules for the bus and bus stop with your child(ren) and insisting on their compliance with them. Additionally, we ask that you remind your child(ren) to observe these two (2) important safety precautions.


  1. When getting off the bus, stand well clear of it until it leaves. Never go to the mailbox until the bus is gone. A child could easily slip and fall beneath the wheels unnoticed, especially when it is icy.

  2. Never cross the road in front of the bus until the driver gives a hand signal indicating it is safe to cross.

We have never had a serious accident or student injury. The school district and transportation department make every effort to prevent any type of accident or injury from happening. Our drivers do all they can to ensure a safe ride and road crossing. Please help them by reinforcing safe, courteous, and orderly behavior on the bus and at the bus stop.


  1. Get to your bus stop five (5) minutes before your scheduled pickup time. The school bus will not wait for late students.​

  2. Respect the property of others while waiting at your bus stop.

  3. Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself.

  4. Use appropriate language.

  5. Stay away from the street, road, or highway when waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus stops before approaching the bus.

  6. After getting off the bus, move away from the bus.

  7. If you must cross the street, always cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you. Wait for the driver to signal to you before crossing the street.

  8. No fighting, harassment, intimidation, or horseplay.

  9. No use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. 

  10. Remember that riding a school bus is a privilege; not a right.

  • The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and the pupils. Pupils must obey the driver immediately and without question. 

  • Pupils will enter and exit the bus only at designated stops in single file order, through the front door. Under absolutely no condition will the emergency door be used for anything but emergency exits. 

  • Pupils are to remain seated facing forward while the bus is in motion.

  • Talk quietly and use appropriate language. Classroom conduct is required. 

  • Unnecessary conversation with the bus driver is prohibited. 

  • Pupils are to assist in keeping the bus clean. 

  • Do not open a window without permission from the driver. At no time will windows be opened more than halfway. 

  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus. ​

  • ​​Pupils are to leave the bus only at their regular stops unless they have a written permission slip from parents or teachers, which is to be presented to the bus driver as they board the bus. Pupils need a note from parents in order to ride on a different bus.

  • Pupils may be assigned seats by the driver. 

  • Pupils may not save a seat for another person. ​

  • Aisles must be kept free and clear at all times. 

  • Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself.

  • No fighting, harassment, intimidation, or horseplay. ​​

  • Do not throw any object within or out of the bus. ​

  • No eating, drinking, or use of tobacco or drugs. 

  • Do not bring any weapons, flammable items, animals, or dangerous or objectionable objects on the school bus. ​

  • Do not damage the bus.


The following procedures will be used when students fail to obey the district’s transportation rules of conduct:

Upon the first report, the student will meet with the driver and school administration. Parents will be notified of the content of this discussion. 

Upon second offense the student will meet with the driver and the principal and will be removed from the bus for two (2) days. Parent attendance at this meeting is encouraged. 

Upon the third offense, the student will be removed from the bus for two (2) weeks. 


The fourth offense will result in removal from the bus for the remainder of the school year. 



Based on the severity of a student’s conduct, more serious consequences may be imposed at any time. Depending on the nature of the offense, consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school may also result from school bus/bus stop misconduct.



Records of school bus/bus stop misconduct will be forwarded to the individual school building and will be retained in the same manner as other student discipline records. Reports of serious misconduct will be provided to the Department of Public Safety. Records may also be maintained in the transportation office.


If you are new to the district, please call Linda at 584-4255. During the school year if a student is not going to ride the bus, please notify the driver prior to the pick-up time.

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