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March 2024 Student of the Month

Baley Bueckers

Baley is the daughter of David and Nichole. When it comes to family Baley says being the oldest of her siblings has taught her many lessons, “I am the oldest of four daughters, and having three younger siblings has taught me a lot in life, especially how I will never have a dull or quiet moment in life. I have learned things such as what not to do or say around them, because they will repeat it. I have also learned to set a good example and be a role model for my sisters because trust me, your younger siblings will want to be just like you when they grow up. I cannot give myself all the credit on how to be a good example, because I was shown how by my parents. My mother and father have taught me a lot in life including how to be kind and respectful to others while knowing how to work hard and have determination for the things you want in life. My family has had a great impact on me and even if I don’t show it enough to them, I thank and love them all for helping me become the person I am. As a family, my favorite thing we do together is go on little day trips where we go somewhere together for a day to go hiking, shopping, and try new restaurants and ice cream shops.”

When it comes to her classes Baley says her favorite class was CIS Human Body Systems with Mrs. Gerads “My favorite class I have taken would be CIS Human Body Systems with Mrs. Gerads. If I could tell any student who has any interest in anything medical or dealing with the human body to take this class. I’ll be honest the class was not easy it definitely took a lot of studying and hard work, but the teacher Mrs. Gerads is so helpful and an amazing teacher and made learning this difficult stuff a lot of fun. Another thing that stood out to me about this class was my great group of friends that took the class with me and all the labs we completed such as dissecting pigs, looking at different body tissues, and my personal favorite the “Anna Garcia Crime Scene” lab.”

As far as a favorite teacher, Baley looks to the past “My favorite teacher would have to be my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Hoheisel. Mrs. Hoheisel taught our class a lot of things such as math and social studies, but my favorite thing we were taught was silent ball. Our class loved silent ball, we played it almost every day adding new rules and having fun with each other as classmates. Besides the fun of silent ball, Mrs. Hoheisel taught me something I find most important and that is to always be kind to other students. One day Mrs. Hoheisel sat our class down and had a talk to us about how a student in our class was having a hard home and the struggles this student was going through, and I thank Mrs. Hoheisel for sharing it with the class and having such compassion for this student because I think it taught not only myself, but my other classmates to be kind to one another because you never know what someone is going through.”

At Royalton High School, Baley is involved in many activities, she participates in Cross Country, Basketball, Track and Field, Business Professionals of America, Spanish Club, YES Club, and Drama. Baley believes all these activities plays a large role in her ability to meet people and make friends, “I enjoy all these activities each for their own reason but the one thing they all have in common is the friends and memories I have with them. All of my best friends are in each of these different activities so it allows me to spend time with them all throughout the year. Being a part of all these activities keeps me busy and active while also learning new things and how to work as a team with people. Joining these activities has impacted my life for the better and I am so happy to be a part of these activities with all my friends.”

As for outside of school this is what Baley said, “I do not really participate in any activities but I do have a job I enjoy. I work at Bill's superette during school on the weekends and throughout the summer. For my job, I open the store every Sunday morning with my friend Libby at 5:30 in the morning where she and I work together to open the store. My favorite part of working at Bill’s would have to be my Sunday co-workers and manager April. Together these people are so amazing, lots of fun, and very hard working. As a group we all work together to make sure the store is stocked with groceries, nice and clean, and that the kitchen is full. As much as having a job doesn’t seem fun, I enjoy mine because when you work with the right people who make a boring job fun, it is really worth it.”

Baley’s favorite memory in high school took place outside of school, “My favorite high school memory would have to be all the Starbucks and Dunkin runs I have gone on with my friends Claire and Arianne. Although it has definitely hurt our bank accounts, being able to spend time with my friends and enjoy a little break from school to have a nice iced coffee has been the highlight of my year.”

Then Baley’s favorite event that took place at school was homecoming! “My favorite event I have been involved in would have to be all the homecoming weeks I have participated in. Last year as an 11th grader, I competed in a game of human style Hungry Hungry Hippos where I beat my friend Mya with a laundry basket in order to grab the last ball and win the game for my grade. This year as a senior, I was a part of the homecoming court and later spent time with my senior class competing in games and having fun together for one last year.”

Baley’s post high school plans consists attending UND, “This fall, I will be attending the University of North Dakota for forensic science on a pre-med path. After I receive my degree in forensic science, I plan to attend medical school with the career goal of becoming a medical examiner. For me, I have always had a passion to help people and as odd as it might be, becoming a medical examiner is the way I want to help. Being a medical examiner is hard, but I want to put this career to use and help the families of the individuals who have passed away and figure out how they passed so the family can have closure.”

In 10 years Baley has this thought, “In ten years, I hope to see myself with a career as a medical examiner of course, but I also want one thing in life and that is to live in an old Victorian style mansion. If I can have one thing in life when I am older it is my dream house. My long-term plan is to see myself having one of these old mansions one day with a nice lake close by, sitting with my future spouse on our porch with our many cats and our golden retriever and vizsla dogs.”

When it comes to advice she would give to high school freshmen, this is what Baley had to say, “If I can give any advice to freshmen, I would tell them that of course school and grades are important and they should complete their work, but the most important thing is to surround yourself with good people who encourage you to be successful and kind to others because that is how you will make it far in life.”

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