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February 2020 Student of the Month

Kelsie Norberg

Kelsie Norberg has been named the February Student of the Month by Royalton High School faculty and staff. Kelsie feels fortunate to have a supportive family that shares a strong bond. One of the most meaningful lessons they have taught her is the importance of hard work and not to sweat the small stuff. Kelsie loves joking around with her family members and feeling strong support from each of them.

Kelsie’s favorite classes are her art courses. From art technique to ceramics and photography, she describes art classes as a way for her to be more creative. She appreciates trying different things in art, so she has taken the opportunity to explore a variety of art courses throughout her high school career.

When it comes to selecting a favorite teacher, Kelsie explains she could never pick a favorite. She emphasizes that all of her teachers have been helpful, and they want to see their students succeed. Kelsie would like to thank Mr. Skwira for pushing her outside of her comfort zone and allowing her to grow. Also, thanks to Mr. Halverson for their talks and jokes that provided encouragement.

Up until her senior year, Kelsie played volleyball at Royalton High School. She says it is a fun sport, and she enjoyed the opportunity to improve. She continues to play volleyball as a recreational sport outside of the school day. Most importantly, Kelsie’s extra-curricular highlight has been her involvement with FFA throughout her high school career. She currently serves as the chapter president, and in past years has been the secretary and vice president. FFA really pushed her outside of her comfort zone and allowed her to meet some of her best friends. Additionally, it has given her the opportunity to explore her future career path.

Upon being asked about her favorite high school memory, Kelsie explains painting the school banners with her friends takes the top prize. They paint the homecoming and survivor banners together. It takes hours of time and effort, but she is always proud of the outcome. She also notes the most memorable activity she is in is the Small Animals FFA CDE (Career Development Event). They practice once a week to learn about veterinary science, and it gives her a chance to learn about the career she would like to pursue. She also placed fourth in the state in the competition last year. This year, she had hoped to place in the top three so that she could be recognized at the state level.

Outside of school, Kelsie likes to do all forms of art, read, do puzzles and watch movies and hang out with friends. She also works at the Dairy Queen and helps her uncle on his chicken farm to turn feeders.

Kelsie has unofficially decided to attend the University of Minnesota-Morris next fall. She was drawn to Morris by its small town appeal. Her goal is to earn a degree in Biology and eventually pursue a degree in the veterinarian program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

In ten years, Kelsie hopes to have been out of college for a couple of years, working in a small town at a veterinary clinic for dogs and cats. She is not sure that she’ll move far away from home. She emphasizes she does not want to box herself into one path because she is truly unsure of what the future will hold.

In thinking about advice for high school freshmen, Kelsie revealed she was more nervous than she needed to be at that age. She knew classes would be challenging, but she realized if the effort is put in success is achievable. She said it is all about taking “one step at a time, there is never a cavernous jump. No one is perfect, everyone is human and will make mistakes. You are able to mess up at times; there is no stopping it.”

Carl Halverson, RHS art instructor emphasizes that, “Kelsie is one of the finest "quiet leaders" in her graduating class. At her age, it is so refreshing to see a young person who is so "other people" centered rather than being "self centered."  Her abilities are well rounded as far as both her academics and the arts are concerned. She ranks near the top of her class academically, and is extremely talented in the visual arts as well. She wrote and illustrated a children's storybook her senior year that has the kind of digital graphic arts abilities that are over the top, as well. In the future, don't be surprised when you bring your pet to the local animal hospital, and you get the privilege of meeting one of the kindest, caring, and genuine young veterinarians that you and your pet have ever met. Young people like Kelsie Norberg make this world a better place.”

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