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April 2023 Student of the Month

Morgan Duevel

Morgan Duevel was selected as Student of the Month for April. Morgan says her family has played a large role in her life and has made her who she is, “My aunts are very comforting when it comes to my struggles and I go to their houses’ when I need some support. My oldest sister and cousin, Maja, are my biggest role-models in my life and they have helped guide me through what I should do when I come across a difficult situation. My family has also taught me how to wood work, craft, bake, cook, fish and paint. I also enjoy spending time with my family camping, fishing, playing Wii, tubing kayaking and car trips.”

At Royalton High School, Morgan is involved a variety of activities, “I participate in knowledge bowl where I get to learn random facts, and its rewarding getting a question you didn’t fully understand right. I help manage softball, where I like to keep the girls upbeat and take of them when they get hurt. I am in band and jazz band. I enjoy both because I get to learn many new aspects of music and a variety in song styles.”

When it comes to her classes Morgan says her favorite class was probably English Composition 1 & 2. “My favorite classes were English Composition 1 & 2. The class is memorable because I learned skills I will never forget. While it was extremely difficult for me it helped me develop wonderfully as a writer.”

As for a favorite teacher in high school Morgan says one of her favorite teachers is Mrs. Alyssa Gerads, “I have taken many of her biology classes and environmental classes. She always has a very kind aura, and does whatever she can do to help her students. I have taken one of her classes every year in high school, and I enjoy all of them. She likes to do as many labs with her classes as possible to make the class more fun. She is more relaxed with her older students, and it makes me feel more comfortable in her class. Mrs. Gerads gets really anxious trying to cram everything in for our college class at the end of the year and her life outside of school as well as how she acts in school makes me want to be more like her.”

Outside of school Morgan says youth group is something she is involved with, “Youth group at my church, almost all of the members are my family, so it is more like hanging out with my second cousins, which is nice. I get to help with events at my church, and I really like using the industrial dishwasher.”

When asked what her favorite memory and activity from high school were, this is what came to Morgan’s mind, “My favorite memory from high school happened this year before our senior runout at homecoming. We were in the hallway excited and getting along with each other. Kyler was playing very loud music, and everyone was getting their confetti poppers ready. I mostly remember being very happy even though I knew that we were never going to be in a moment like that again. My favorite activity is being involved with softball. All the girls make the sport so enjoyable because of all the energy they have toward the sport, and we all are civil with each other and have fun together.”

As for here future, Morgan as this in mind, “I will attend Minnesota State University, Mankato in the fall. I am enrolled in the Pre-Chiropractic program to get a Bachelor’s of Science degree. I have known, since third grade, that I wanted to be a chiropractor. I will need to go to Chiropractic school after I get my degree and get an internship. After I get my doctorate, I will probably move back home and work at a Chiropractic place in Brainerd or St. Cloud.”

Morgan’s advice to high school freshmen is short and sweet, “Don’t be a jerk, be a decent human being instead.”

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