school-age childcare (MAP)



Contact the MAP Program Supervisor at (320) 584-4118

Staffing Ratios

Our goal will be to have one staff for every 10 children in attendance.  You will be required to give us a schedule ahead of time so we can staff accordingly.


Families must pre-register for MAP and pay a registration fee of $10.00 per child (max $40/family).  Please fill out your registration form and pay your registration fee, fill out a schedule your child will attend the first week of MAP and prepay your first week of MAP fees.

Cost of Care


  • 4-5 Days: $40/week

  • 2-3 days: $30/week


  • 4-5 Mornings: $12/week

  • 2-3 Mornings: $8/week


  • 4-5 Afternoons: $32/week

  • 2-3 Afternoons: $22/week


  • Full-Day: $15/day

  • Morning: $5/morning

  • Afternoon: $10/afternoon

      *Drop-ins must pay upon picking up your child/ren



  • $22/day

Care must be scheduled with the MAP supervisor 2-3 weeks in advance and cancellations for care with less than a week’s notice will be charged for the day. If the minimum number of children are not pre-registered, care may not be available.  Last-minute requests for care will be accommodated if there is room.

All rates are on a pre-pay basis.  You must sign your child up for child care and prepay by Wednesday, the week before you need service.  All days you sign your child up for are the days you will pay for unless you give notice that your child will be out by calling the MAP phone at 320-584-4118 by 7 AM.

Billing/Tax information

Weekly invoices will be distributed to families along with month-end statements.

A year-end statement will not be automatically printed in January.  Please contact Royalton MAP at (320) 584-4118 if you need a year-end statement.

The tax ID for Royalton Public Schools school-age childcare is 41-6002441. The fees you pay may be tax-deductible.

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