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October 2021 Student of the Month

Emma Kasella

Royalton High School is proud to announce that Emma Kasella was selected as Student of the Month for October. Emma is the daughter of Steve and Colleen. Through her success Emma says her family has had a large impact “My family has greatly influenced my work ethic and drive in school and in life. Growing up on a farm taught me discipline and hard work. I’m glad my parents encouraged me to help out picking eggs or walk the barn because that discipline has led me to the success I have today. I enjoy fishing and hunting or really anything outside and some of my favorite memories as a child were made out on the lake or adventuring outside with my brothers”

At Royalton High School, Emma is involved in volleyball, managing wrestling, softball, student council, the Minnesota Honor Society and YES Club. Emma says being part of teams and groups is something she loves “I have a passion for the sports I’m in and love being a part of the teams. The other three clubs I’m in have bettered my leadership skills and helped me be involved in more community service.”

When it comes to her classes Emma says her favorite class is Biology “My favorite class is biology because I have always had an interest in how the body works. Biology helped me discover that nursing really is the career I want to pursue”

As for a favorite teacher in high school, Emma says Mr. Silbernick really comes to mind, “My favorite teacher is Mr. Silbernick because he teaches in a way that helps me understand and be successful in challenging math courses.”

Emma’s favorite memory in high school was going to prom last year, as Emma put it “One of my favorite high school memories was going to prom last year because it seemed like we had one normal night in an incredibly strange year.”

For her plans after high school and where she sees herself in 10 years, Emma had this to say “After high school, I plan on pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing, but I am currently undecided on what school and in ten years, I hope to have a job as an RN in an oncology or pediatric setting. My whole life I have known I want to make an impact in the lives of others, and oncology and pediatrics are areas where I feel I personally could make the greatest impact.”

Emma’s advice to high school freshmen is this “When it’s all said and done, you won’t remember every lecture; what you will cherish are the memories made with friends along the way. So, take in every moment, for people really do mean it when they say it flies by fast.”

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