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May 2024 Student of the Month

Kylie Waytashek

Kylie is the daughter of Nicole. When asked about how family has impacted her, Kylie had this to say, “My family has taught me many things in life. They have taught me to be strong willed, show respect to others, to always be kind, and how to persevere during lifes challenges. I enjoy spending time with my family by going to sporting events, playing cards, spending time outdoors, deer hunting, watching movies, and playing games with my two little cousins. My family has always encouraged me to be the best that I can be. They always have supported me through the ups and downs of life. I am always thankful for my family.”

During her time at Royalton, Kylie’s favorite class was Human Biology, “My favorite class in high school was human biology with Ms. Gerads. Human biology was memorable because I was able to learn so many new things about the human body. The reason human biology stood out to me was because of all of the various labs that we did. Some of the labs we did were dissecting baby pigs and analyzing sheep hearts. I would suggest this class to others because you get to learn so many new things about the human body, and how our systems work.”

Kylie was asked if she had to pick a teacher that she really enjoyed in class, her response was Mr. Chris Coppicus, “My favorite teacher is Mr. Coppicus, our band teacher. He is my favorite teacher because he always makes class time enjoyable. Throughout my four years in band, Mr. Coppicus took the time to get to know me. Mr. Coppicus would always ask me about my life and how I am doing outside of school, and would often ask about my many basketball ventures. He inspires me to be a leader and to be someone others can look up to, just like he always was for me.”

In school Kylie was involved in some different activities, “The activities I am involved in at Royalton include Basketball, Track and Field, and the Royal Ambassador Program. The biggest reason I enjoy each activity is because I get to spend time with all of my friends, while also trying my best to be a role model for the younger kids. Through my involvement in these activities, I have gained many friendships, new core memories, and have learned how to be the leader that I am so that I can have a positive impact on the students younger than me.”

When asked about some special memories that she has from high school, there were a couple that came to mind, “My favorite high school memory was attending all of the sporting events. I got to spend time with my friends, while watching my classmates participate in a sport that they enjoy. I also have two specific memorable events that I took place in. The first one was during my freshman year of basketball; we beat #4 seeded Holdingford at their place in playoffs as underdogs being the #13 seed. We won 53-48 in overtime. The second event was this year at BBE when I broke two school records in one game, with one being for the most points in a game with 39, and the second being for the most threes in a game with ten.”

Next year Kylie will be attending Valparaiso University on a basketball scholarship. “I am attending Valparaiso University and I am wanting to pursue a degree in biochemistry on the path to become an orthodontist and I will also be playing on the basketball team. I chose Valpo because I love my coach’s beliefs and my teammates’ energy and attitudes, and I fell in love with the campus itself. Once I stepped on campus, I knew that Valpo would be my home for the next four years.”

Kylie’s advice to high school freshmen was this, “Advice I would give to the freshmen would be to make all of the little moments count throughout high school. Another big piece of advice would be to get involved in as many high school events and activities as you can, because through these you will meet friends, and you will get to experience new things that you might not have thought were interesting to you at first. I know it might seem cliche, but high school really does go by fast.”

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