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May 2018 Student of the Month

Jason Kasella

Jason Kasella, son of Amy and Rob Kasella, was named the May Student of the Month by the faculty of Royalton High School (RHS). Jason’s siblings are Jacob, Megan, Katelyn, Krista and Matthew; Jason is the second youngest.


Jason’s favorite class is Woods with Mr. Marty Bratsch as his teacher. He likes this class because he can be creative while working with his hands. His favorite teachers are Mr. Marty Bratsch, Mr. Robert Skwira, the Agriculture teacher and Mr. Carl Halverson, the Art teacher. His teachers had these comments about Jason. “When he walked into my room as a gangly seventh grader, he sported the kind of grin that makes you wonder what he's about to get away with. His work ethic was impeccable which brought him to success no matter what the assignment was. Although he's changed a lot since then, these two things haven't changed at all. He still has that big grin and that admirable "farm boy" work ethic. Add to this a quiet confidence and great sense of humor and you've got a young man who is destined to light up the world, in whatever career path that he chooses to pursue”. His Spanish teacher Ms. Lindsey Gruber states, “Jason is a leader among his peers and underclassmen. He is humble, determined, and a hard worker not only in the classroom, but on the mat, field, and in the hallways. These are valued characteristics in school, the workforce, and in today’s society. Jason is well-deserving of this recognition.” Mr. Robert Skwira states that “Jason is a very detailed individual who wants to do a good job and get it done right".


Jason is actively involved in Football, Wrestling, and Tech/Yes Club. Jamie Morford, his football coach said, “Jason defines what it means to be a true team player and what we as a staff look for in our Royalton football leaders. He was asked his senior year to move from a position he had held for three years and take a less glorious position. In doing this he knew that this would make our team better and in turn give us a better odds at competing each week. Jason has always been a silent leader but has made huge impacts, not just on game night but every day at practice. He is always looking to push others to make themselves and the team better. Not only has he excelled on the field but does so in the classroom and with his peers. There have not been many like him but it is our hope that his legacy will pave the way for other future Royal Football players and emulate his leadership style and body of work”. His wrestling coach Terry Gorecki states, "Jason is a great leader on and off the wrestling mat. He has a great work ethic and is much disciplined in the classroom and on the mat. He is a great role model for all student athletes."


Jason’s favorite memory is “Getting to the finals and being one win away in wrestling to go to state as a team”. After graduating, he plans on working for his father at Kasella Concrete, put up a chicken barn and continue farming. He sees himself in 10 years still working at KCI; possibly in the process of taking it over, owning a chicken barn and a hundred head of beef cattle and living locally with a wife and a few kids. The advice he would give to any freshman is “Try to enjoy school more than stressing about the work.”

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