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March 2021 Student of the Month

Jack Achen

Royalton High School is proud to announce that Jack Achen was selected as Student of the Month for March. Jack is the son of Craig and Cindy and has a younger brother, Joseph. Jack says his family has impacted him with their support and the teachings, “My family has taught me the value of having a strong work ethic, which I cherish and practice in all my daily endeavors. My family and I enjoy playing the card game “500” and attending mass every Sunday. They have encouraged and supported me by pushing me to always learn and better myself. I am fortunate to have the family I have because they formed me into the individual I am today.”

Jack is a member of the Minnesota Honor Society and is the acting president of the American Milking Shorthorn Junior Society (AMSJS). The AMSJS is a national society within the dairy industry. Jack cherishes his involvement with the AMSJS, “I savor this non-related school activity because it teaches me leadership, public speaking, and networking skills. I am learning these trades through running our annual national junior meeting, establishing dates and times for conference calls, and reaching out to our advisors and the adult board of the Milking Shorthorn society for assistance.”

When it comes to his classes Jack says one of his favorite classes was Economics. “My favorite class was economics because I learned the basics of supply and demand. It stood out in other courses because I felt like it made sense how people interact with particular types of appreciation. I suggest other students participate in economics simply because it teaches you the manufacturing and usage of products.”

Royalton High School Economics Teacher Brad Baumann has high praise for Achen. “This was Jack’s first year at Royalton. As a teacher you know for new students, its usually never easy coming into new situations, and in small schools, it can be harder because most of the teachers and students know each other and know what to expect from one another, and for Jack being a senior that was not going to be an easy task of coming and fitting in, but he did a phenomenal job. He’s such a great kid and student. Extremely polite, asks questions about the material, does a great job with his work, and gets along well with the other students. You really couldn’t ask for anything more, it was a pleasure having him in class!”

As for a favorite teacher in high school Jack really enjoys Chemistry teacher Randy Thielges. “My favorite teacher is Randy Thielges, he has been employed at Royalton High for forty plus years and he is now entering retirement, he has made an immense impact on the school. Once Mr. Thiegles hands out a difficult chemistry assignment, he walks around the classroom offering help. He inspires me to help others find solutions in their struggles.”

Jack’s favorite memory in high school was his first day at Royalton High School, “On the first day of school, when my younger brother Joseph and I drove into the parking lot and as soon as he parked his car, I looked at him. With a grin on my face, I said the sixth time’s a charm. We both chuckled and grabbed our bookbags and headed for the entrance. I said the sixth time’s a charm because this was our sixth first day at a fresh school. One fact we always knew while relocating around the country and attending dissimilar schools was that fact of our friendship.”

Next year Jack plans to attend The Beacom School of Business at South Dakota State University. Jack plans to learn more about economics, business, and administration. In ten years, Jack hopes to own property and been employed in a stable profession, with the possibility of having his own business as well. Jack also would like to spend some time traveling around the world and exploring places he’s never been to before.

Jack’s advice to high school freshmen is, “Even though graduation is still years away, the choices you make now will determine your future.”

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