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March 2018 Student of the Month

Hannah Cimenski

The faculty of Royalton High School (RHS) has named Hannah Cimenski, daughter of Melanie and Gregory Cimenski the March Student of the Month. Hannah has three siblings, Bethany, Hailey and Colten.


Hannah’s favorite class is anything art related, Art has always been her escape, if only for a couple of hours. She grew up with the teachers at Royalton High School being very involved with her life. So, it is hard to pick just one. If she had to choose her favorite teacher it would be Mr. Carl Halverson. Halverson has pushed her to be the best she could be and has been an inspiration for many years. Mr. Halverson gets to know every one of his students individually, not caring about their past or anything going on outside of that art room. He motivates and inspires kids to be better than what is expected of them. This is what Mr.

Halverson said about Hannah. “Hannah is one of the most artistic students that I've seen in the many years I've been teaching. She's won too many awards to keep track of and has been hired to do commissioned work outside of school. Many times in high school, we tend to focus on athletic success on the field, track or court. While I agree with honoring these athletes, I see the arts in a light that goes far beyond most of these accomplishments. To put this in perspective in an artistic scenario, Hannah would be not just all-conference, all-section, or even all state. She would be competing and winning at a level in the visual arts that most high school athletes will never see. Her wall mural that will be finished this spring will be viewed and admired by many, long after the school record for "leading scorer" will be broken again and again”.


Hannah has been active in many activities throughout her high school career, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Flag Squad, FFA, Theatre, Speech, YES and Tech club. This year she has cut back on a lot of her extracurricular and decided to focus on her schooling. So for this year she is involved with Softball and Flag squad.


Hannah states that it is hard to pinpoint one high school memory because they have all been a roller coaster of good times and hard times. After high school she plans to attend Saint Cloud State University to get her generals out of the way, her second year of college she wants to study abroad. After her generals are done she will enter into the Nursing program and obtain her LPN and then her RN. After college she wants to travel and work with children as much as possible.


Hannah has so much planned for her life in ten years; she wants to have a steady career and perhaps a fiancé to go with that. She wants to have traveled the world and have seen all that she can before she settles down. When she is ready for the responsibility she will get married, buy a nice house, and then maybe she’ll start to think about having kids.


The advice she would give to freshmen is this, “My biggest advice to the freshmen that are just starting high school is to not let the time get away from you. Bask in the glory that is high school because this will be the best and the worst times of your lives. Don’t push off your work and get lazy with your grades because, trust me, they count. Go to football games, dance at the spring fling, and hangout with your friends on the weekends. Live the best life you possibly can because it ends pretty dang fast. Don’t let stress overwhelm you; learn how to deal with it. Go to bed early and take care of your mental health before your schoolwork. Enjoy high school because, while it seems like the worst four years of your life, one day you’ll look back and miss it.”

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