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February 2021 Student of the Month

Jenna Kull

Royalton High School is proud to announce that Jenna Kull was selected as Student of the Month for February. Jenna is the daughter of Lynn and Lyn and younger sister of Kendra. When it comes to family Jenna says the support she gets from them has been extremely important, “family has always been supportive of me. Ever since I remember, they have been with me encouraging me to do my best. I love going on trips with my family, big or small. Ever since I was little we would take family camping trips each year. I would look forward to these trips each year as each one brought time to grow closer and a new adventure.

At Royalton High School, Jenna is involved in volleyball, Tech Club and the Minnesota Honor Society. Outside of school she participates in the Loyal Royals 4-H Club, Faith Lutheran Church youth group and is a St. Gabriel’s Hospital Junior Volunteer. Jenna believes her involvement in all these various activities has had a major impact on her, “I have gained good teamwork skills and strong friendships from volleyball. In Tech club I gain knowledge of new technologies and learned how to use them. While in Minnesota Honor Society I gain friendships while helping out our community. I enjoy being part of 4-H because it constantly provides great learning opportunities. Being involved in church youth group gives the opportunity to learn about God while connecting with friends. When volunteering at St. Gabriel’s Hospital my main job is to refill patients’ water and supplies while interacting with them. I have gained a lot from this and it even helped me decide my career.”

When it comes to her classes Jenna says her favorite class was her Intro to Agriculture. For Jenna, it was a great experience that she enjoyed while learning, “This class stood out to me because we would always get involved with hands-on activities. I would recommend this class to others because it is really fun and you learn a lot from it.”

As for a favorite teacher in high school, Jenna says Mr. Skwira really comes to mind, “One of my favorite teachers is Mr. Skwira. Mr. Skwira is always in a good mood and excited to teach. He is also fully invested in making sure his students have fun while learning to succeed in life.”

Jenna’s favorite memory in high school was going to state for FFA, as Jenna put it “An event that stands out to me is going to state for FFA. The trip to the state FFA convention was a fun adventure and a good opportunity to bond with fellow FFA members.”

Next year Jenna plans to attend North Dakota State University to major in Medical Laboratory Science. For Jenna, Medical Laboratory Science is a perfect fit, “I believe I have found my dream job. This career is perfect for me because laboratory science is always evolving and changing. Therefore, I will constantly be faced with new challenges to tackle.”

Jenna’s advice to high school freshmen is short but sweet “get as involved in high school activities as you can and have lots of fun during the time that you have because it goes by fast.”

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