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February 2019 Student of the Month

Damion Theisen

Damion Theisen, son of Tina Theisen and Joe Roering, has been named February student of the month at Royalton High School (RHS).


Damion said his favorite teacher is Zach Silbernick because, “he is always prepared for class, and if a student doesn’t understand the material, he will make sure that you understand it.”


“Damion is a joy to have in class,” said Silbernick. “I have the fortune of having him in two of my math classes back to back first thing in the morning. Most students would dread having two math classes let alone back to back and first thing in the morning. Damion is not like most students. He brings a positive, respectful, and cheerful attitude each and every day.  He has a great sense of humor and is always engaged and active in the classroom. He is always asking the why behind things as well. Looking into how things work in math and trying to make sense of them. He is very respectful and a hard working man as well. He respects not only the teachers but also his classmates and is willing to jump in and help them learn whenever possible. I know that with his hard work ethic, respect for others, and overall strong character, Damion will be extremely successful after high school. As hard as it will be to no longer have him in class, I am excited to see what the future has in store for Damion!”


Damion has been involved in student council, football, and wrestling, where he competed at the state meet this year.


His favorite high school memory was after his last match at the section wrestling tournament. “I pinned my opponent and I knew I was going to state,” said Theisen.


Damion future plans are to attend college in Wadena and complete the lineman program.


Theisen’s advice to high school freshmen is, “High school goes fast and this is the time to try new things and to learn where you might go in your future, so take advantage of every moment you can.”

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