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December 2019 Student of the Month

Christopher Borash

Royalton High School announces that Christopher Borash has been selected as the December Student of the Month. 


Chris, the son of Ron and Ann Borash, has numerous role models at home, his siblings and parents. While growing up on a farm, these role models taught Chris that life requires hard work, and all work requires that he apply the best of his ability. His parents also instilled him with a great sense of respect for everyone and everything. With his family, Chris enjoys hunting, and playing hockey games. 


The encouragement and support from Chris’s family and siblings extends beyond competitive activities - they also spend time discussing classes, playing guitar, and praying as well as sharing goals they have for the future. In all cases, Chris is grateful that his family.


One of Chris’s teachers, Jeremy Schaa, Social Studies teacher states, “Chris is one of the most involved students we have here at RHS. Whether in the classroom, the course/track/mat, the stage or the knowledge bowl room, Chris is a leader who can quietly get others to follow him. Chris will no doubt go out in this world and be successful and represent Royalton in a very positive way.”


This positive leader shows his work ethic in his choice of favorite classes. Chris notes that he has enjoyed both Composition I with Mr. Makela and Chemistry with Mr. Thielges. Both classes provide students with a chance to prove themselves and dive into a deeper understanding of science and English. The instructors of these classes are also Chris’s favorite teachers. He recalls many days in which he would ask Mr. Thielges to explain a certain math concept for College Algebra, or look to Mr. Makela for guidance in other classes. They are both extremely kind and caring teachers provided you are willing to work, and Chris has great respect for them. Chris accepts the challenge of hard work at home as well as at school.


Chris is also involved in many activities: cross country, wrestling, track & field, Y.E.S. Club, FFA, knowledge bowl, student council, and various play productions. While each extra-curricular activity offers its own unique challenges, overall, he the groups have taught him to be a leader and to work with others. More specifically he has had the opportunity to make a difference for the environment in our area as well as expanding his knowledge in agricultural related areas. 

When talking about his most influential high school activity, Chris explains that cross country has guided him in character growth, and that he has fallen in love with the challenge, self-motivation, and retrospection required to do well in the sport. Being part of this team over the last seven years has been one of the best experiences of Chris’s high school career.


Michael Marschel, cross country coach, emphasizes, “Christopher Borash is a hard-working kid. Most people don't realize that he has been up and doing chores well before any of us are out of bed, EVERY DAY. He is a testament that if you work hard you will get results. As a natural leader, Christopher has lead our Cross Country and Track & Field teams will grace and humility over the last six years. He will surely be missed next season.”


Terry Gorecki, head wrestling coach, notes that Chris is a one-of-a-kind student-athlete. He has been a great role model for all wrestlers on and off the mat.  He is "new" to the sport and has earned the role of being a captain to represent his teammates.”


Outside of school, Chris is active in the Guardian Angels Youth Group which has helped him grow strong in his Catholic faith and provided a great deal of fun and exciting times. Two-River Trailblazers 4-H club has been a part of Chris’s life since kindergarten and he has participated in poultry and sheep showing, performing arts, and shooting sports. He has competed at both state and national levels. 


Chris plans to attend college for a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Biology or Criminal Justice. His top choice for college is Saint Mary’s University in Winona because, three of his brothers went there, he has spent a lot of time on campus, and he has already met numerous faculty members and staff. 


His advice for younger students would be to try everything. “Do not be afraid to step out and lead, because it may take you to new heights and grant you friends and experience you never dreamed of.” He would also say that it is important to give your best effort in all that you do, because in retrospect, you will have no regrets. You may wish things could be different, but having the knowledge that you did all you could to influence situations gives you a sense of comfort in the end.

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