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December 2017 Student of the Month

Amy Zabinski

Amy Zabinski is the oldest daughter to Rich and Sharon Zabinski and she was named the December Student of the Month by the faculty of Royalton High School (RHS). Amy has two younger sisters, Kim and Carrie, and they are currently attending Royalton Middle and High School. Her parents are incredibly supportive of her, they always push her to be the best she can be, and they are always there for her supporting her decisions. Her parents have been very supportive of all of the various activities she has taken part in over the years, and they always encourage her to try new things and join different activities and clubs.


Amy’s favorite class is SPANISH because Sra. Lindsey Gruber has been the greatest teacher!

In her three years of Spanish classes, Sra. has always found a way to teach class in a fun way! Sra. Gruber comes to class each day with a positive attitude and eagerness to teach us another language. Thank you for making Spanish AMAZING! Sra. Lindsey Gruber states “Amy is a ray of sunshine that brightens my classroom every day. She continuously finds the positive in everything and is dedicated to succeeding in all areas. No matter the task, Amy always puts forth her best effort. This also includes helping others to succeed. Her kind and helpful spirit will take her many places, and I wish Amy all the best in her future endeavors! Amy honestly states, “There are too many AMAZING teachers to choose just ONE favorite”. All of the teachers she has interacted with have been incredibly supportive and pushed her to succeed and never settle for any less than her best. Mr. Jeremy Schaa, Amy’s NHS (National Honor Society) teacher states “Amy is a very positive, happy student who is often smiling which helps put others in the school at ease, and brightens their moods”. Amy’s FFA instructor Mr. Robert Skwira states “Amy is a kind hearted and hardworking individual who always has a smile on her face. Amy treats others the way everyone wants to be treated. She gets along with everyone and will help everyone out. She cares very much about her family and faith. Amy strives to do things the right way. Amy has a bright future ahead of herself!” Michael Marschel is her Cross Country coach states “There really isn't any one kinder than Amy Zabiniski. Her hard-working, positive attitude will bring her very far in life. Royalton is lucky to have her.”


Amy is involved in quite a few activities; she was inducted into NHS in the beginning of her junior year. She took part in the “One Act” competitions her junior and senior year. She ran for the Royalton Cross Country team for 3 years and track for 2 years. She has been in four high school play productions including, “Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice”, “Give My Regards to Broadway”, and “Two Fronts”. She is a dedicated member of the Royalton FFA. She was in speech for one year and performed a duet for choir contest with her best friend, Emily Prokott. They dedicated almost every spare moment they had to their duet, and it paid off when they received a score of 49/50 at the competition. Amy has also taken part of large group choir and band contests where she received superior ratings for their performance pieces. She is also a dedicated member of her hometowns church choir and youth group.


Her favorite High school memory actually consisted of a series of four days spent on a cruise ship. She had the opportunity to take a cruise with members of her school band in March of her junior year. Those four days were amazing! She spent time with her classmates and fellow band members on the cruise ship and had the time of her life. Amy plans to attend Winona State University and enter into the nursing program to receive her Registered Nurse license. In ten years she hopes to be helping people as a Registered Nurse.


The advice Amy would give to freshmen is “Don’t let your years get away from you! When everyone says the years are going to fly by, BELIEVE THEM! Senior year catches up to you faster than you could ever imagine, and when it does, you are going to be left wondering where the time went. Cherish every moment you have before it all turns into a memory!”

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