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April 2021 Student of the Month

Brady Brezinka

Royalton High School is proud to announce that Brady Brezinka was selected as Student of the Month for April. Brady is the son of Jason and Michelle and older brother of Ashton, Bryson and Cylie. Brady says his family has been a huge part of his life especially in the current times, “ My family has been amazing for being there for me throughout this odd year we are having. I enjoy doing a lot with my family like going up north to our hunting land or seeing the extended family at sport events means a lot to me, and even just the rides home from practices mean a lot with me and the siblings.”

Brady loves being outdoors especially fishing, even though he says it can get a little expensive, “Fishing is probably my favorite hobby but it is also very expensive when I buy what I want and need for the season. Just getting on the water before the sun comes up and seeing the sun rise is about as good as it gets.” If Brady is not on the lake fishing you’ll probably find him playing sports. He plays basketball and was a member of the Royalton Varsity Basketball Team this winter, which he said was an interesting experience this year, “Basketball was a big eye opener because you never knew what was going to happen with COVID. I told myself before I played every game that this could be my last game, so I played like it was.” While Brady enjoys playing basketball his first love is baseball, “When people ask me what I like better; basketball or baseball, it’s always baseball. My baseball career started around the age of 10 when I player 10U traveling baseball.” Brady is currently the starting center fielder for the Royals varsity team and has been in that position since he was a freshman. Brady says this year is really special for him in terms of baseball, “Last year we had 8 guys that played together since 10U and unfortunately we didn't have a chance to show what we had because the season was cancelled. This year we have 6 seniors that have played an unbelievable amount of baseball together over the last 8 years and that is what makes it special to me the most.”

When it comes to his classes Brady says his favorite classes are shop classes. “Shop classes are hands on and I love making stuff by hand or making something out of nothing. I suggest students to take shop classes. If you have an open class and you do not know what to take, take a shop class.”

As for a favorite teacher in high school Brady enjoys having Mr. Skwira as a teacher. “Mr. Skwira is an amazing person and no matter how bad of a day you are having he will always say “good morning” or “have a great rest of your day”. He taught the classes that I loved, like welding, get wired, small engines, and manufacturing. He is a great role model to look at because he cares about other people more than himself and that stands out to me.”

Brady has a few favorite memories from school, “I would have to say my favorite class memory is when I got pulled over by the police in front of the school and everyone could see me through the windows and when I walked into the school everyone started clapping.” He also enjoyed the different Homecoming events and competitions before COVID, “I really enjoyed all the homecoming events that we played up until COVID. I liked those days because it was always competitive and the best part is that we never lost to the class above us playing tug of war.”

After graduating Brady plans to enter the work force starting this summer at McDowell, “I will be working at McDowell doing HVAC this summer, I worked for my mom's cousin the last two summers and I knew I could always go back because he needed help all the time, he paid very well but I knew I needed to get into the union because dad preaches to me about how good of benefits they get and I see what I will be making in 5 years at McDowell and it’s unbelievable”

In ten years, Brady sees himself doing a number of things, “in 10 years I see myself starting a family along with settling into a home where I plan to live until I die. I want this place to  be out in the countryside, with a little bit of land and plenty of storage for my boats, snowmobiles, four wheelers and all the other dad stuff I will have especially in the garage where I park my vehicles.”

Brady’s advice to high school freshmen is, “Don’t ever say “I can’t wait to graduate”  I remember saying that my freshmen year and now I look back and wish I could do it all over again because it was fun! Another thing I would say is get involved in activities and do things so you make it worthwhile, while you’re in your school years.”

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