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April 2020 Student of the Month

Cierra Gottwalt

Royalton High School faculty and staff would like to announce that Cierra Gottwalt has been named the Student of the Month for April. Cierra explains that her family has taught her to appreciate everything that she has and to enjoy the little things. They have shown her that there is a bigger picture to everything she does and that right now is just the beginning. She says that she would not have the motivation or determination she has today without them. In their free time, they do a lot of traveling, along with lake days while spending time together.

Cierra’s favorite class in high school was probably drama her freshman year. She explains that she has never been in anything like that, so it was a unique way for her to get out of her comfort zone and try new things.

Cierra adds that her favorite teacher is Jeff Schoenrock. She has had him for multiple years at RHS, and he never fails to joke around with the class. On top of that, he would go beyond the classroom for any of his students making sure they are understanding the lesson or checking in to see how things are going. Over the years he has been proof that teachers truthfully do care about their students. Mr. Schoenrock would like to add, “Cierra has always been a very hardworking, dedicated student.  She has excelled in her college math classes. She ranks high in her class with an excellent GPA. She has been a great leader, in the classroom and on the court.  Many younger students have looked up to her as a role model; she is smart, kind and caring.”

She is involved in Volleyball, Basketball, YES Club and Minnesota Honor Society. From all of these activities, she has learned to work well with others, along with how to be a leader. She has also gained friendships that will last forever. Outside of school, Cierra is involved in 4-H and Junior Olympic Volleyball. She also hunts in her spare time. She enjoys 4-H because it is much different from the activities she participates in at school, and she gets to be with people that she does not get to see everyday. JO Volleyball is also very important to her because she spends time with her favorite people while preparing their team for the upcoming volleyball season. Brad Baumann, Royalton High School social studies teacher adds, “Cierra has excellent work habits and is extremely dependable, loyal and responsible. She is very approachable and has great problem solving skills.  When given instructions or constructive criticism she listens and accepts them and does her best to accomplish the task and always does a great job.  She does not blame others when something happens to go wrong, she takes responsibility for her actions.   She is one of the most positive people that I have taught or coached and I have never seen her put down or say unkind words to her classmates and teammates.  Cierra is a great role model for her fellow students and for younger students as well and defines excellence at RHS.”

Cierra notes that her favorite high school memory was finally winning the Homecoming Olympics after losing in “Rock Paper Scissors”  for the last two years. She also adds that the best game she was a part of during high school was when they beat Maple Lake in volleyball this past fall. She has never been so proud to be part of such an amazing team. Winning this match was such a huge accomplishment for the team and it is a feeling she will never forget.

Next year, Cierra plans to attend Arizona State University and pursue a degree in Nursing. She adds that, “I chose Arizona because of the nursing program, and of course the warm weather.” In ten years, she hopes to be settled down and living somewhere warm. She hopes to be a Nurse Practitioner with a husband and a few kids.

Cierra concludes with the following advice for High School Freshman, “I would tell them to enjoy the little things. I would also tell them that they need to focus on what is best for them because in five years they will be on their own and will have to learn how to create a life for themselves.”

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