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  • School Board | Royalton, MN | Royalton Public Schools

    Board of Education The Board of Education meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the ECC Foyer Enter through Door #1 Agendas & Minutes District Policies Recorded Board Meetings Angela Roering - Clerk, Rian Hofstad - Chairperson, Maria Traut - Treasurer, Randy Hackett - Vice Chairperson, Tyra Baumann - Director, and Lucas Boyd - Director

  • Guidance Office | Royalton Schools

    GUIDANCE OFFICE Our goal is to provide all students with opportunities and resources which will enable them to explore and develop future educational, career and personal goals. Contact Information Monica Flakus, School Counselor Tel: 320-584-4245 Fax: 320-584-4101 ​ Robyn Bartkowicz, Counseling Secretary Tel: 320-584-4244 Fax: 320-584-4101 Senior High Course Information ​ ​ Eligibility for Open Period or Study Hall Quick Access New Student Information Transcript Request Weekly Guidance Announcements Calm Classroom FAFSA Tutorial

  • Activities | Royalton Schools

    ACTIVITIES #RoyaltonRoyals FALL Three Act Play Grades 6-12 Melanie Cimenski, Advisor robotics Shari Bishop, Advisor WINTER Musical Grades 6-12 Melanie Cimenski, Advisor one act play Senior High Melanie Cimenski, Advisor Knowledge Bowl Mindy Klosowski, Advisor Cathy Tordsen, Advisor speech Tami Shaughnessy, Advisor SPRING trap Shooting Jake Wentland, Advisor Activity Page > YEAR-LONG student council Senior High Jon Koenig, Advisor student council Junior High Jon Koenig, Advisor yearbook Cathy Tordsen, Advisor Activity Page > BPA Stephanie Burg, Advisor FFA Nathan Goldade, Advisor Joelle Liddane, Advisor Activity Page > spanish club Lake Mathison, Advisor tech/YES club Robert Skwira, Advisor

  • December 2019 Student of the Month

    < Middle/High School Academics District Calendar Guidance Office Media Center New Enrollment December 2019 Student of the Month Christopher Borash Royalton High School announces that Christopher Borash has been selected as the December Student of the Month. Chris, the son of Ron and Ann Borash, has numerous role models at home, his siblings and parents. While growing up on a farm, these role models taught Chris that life requires hard work, and all work requires that he apply the best of his ability. His parents also instilled him with a great sense of respect for everyone and everything. With his family, Chris enjoys hunting, and playing hockey games. The encouragement and support from Chris’s family and siblings extends beyond competitive activities - they also spend time discussing classes, playing guitar, and praying as well as sharing goals they have for the future. In all cases, Chris is grateful that his family. One of Chris’s teachers, Jeremy Schaa, Social Studies teacher states, “Chris is one of the most involved students we have here at RHS. Whether in the classroom, the course/track/mat, the stage or the knowledge bowl room, Chris is a leader who can quietly get others to follow him. Chris will no doubt go out in this world and be successful and represent Royalton in a very positive way.” This positive leader shows his work ethic in his choice of favorite classes. Chris notes that he has enjoyed both Composition I with Mr. Makela and Chemistry with Mr. Thielges. Both classes provide students with a chance to prove themselves and dive into a deeper understanding of science and English. The instructors of these classes are also Chris’s favorite teachers. He recalls many days in which he would ask Mr. Thielges to explain a certain math concept for College Algebra, or look to Mr. Makela for guidance in other classes. They are both extremely kind and caring teachers provided you are willing to work, and Chris has great respect for them. Chris accepts the challenge of hard work at home as well as at school. Chris is also involved in many activities: cross country, wrestling, track & field, Y.E.S. Club, FFA, knowledge bowl, student council, and various play productions. While each extra-curricular activity offers its own unique challenges, overall, he the groups have taught him to be a leader and to work with others. More specifically he has had the opportunity to make a difference for the environment in our area as well as expanding his knowledge in agricultural related areas. When talking about his most influential high school activity, Chris explains that cross country has guided him in character growth, and that he has fallen in love with the challenge, self-motivation, and retrospection required to do well in the sport. Being part of this team over the last seven years has been one of the best experiences of Chris’s high school career. Michael Marschel, cross country coach, emphasizes, “Christopher Borash is a hard-working kid. Most people don't realize that he has been up and doing chores well before any of us are out of bed, EVERY DAY. He is a testament that if you work hard you will get results. As a natural leader, Christopher has lead our Cross Country and Track & Field teams will grace and humility over the last six years. He will surely be missed next season.” Terry Gorecki, head wrestling coach, notes that Chris is a one-of-a-kind student-athlete. He has been a great role model for all wrestlers on and off the mat. He is "new" to the sport and has earned the role of being a captain to represent his teammates.” Outside of school, Chris is active in the Guardian Angels Youth Group which has helped him grow strong in his Catholic faith and provided a great deal of fun and exciting times. Two-River Trailblazers 4-H club has been a part of Chris’s life since kindergarten and he has participated in poultry and sheep showing, performing arts, and shooting sports. He has competed at both state and national levels. Chris plans to attend college for a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Biology or Criminal Justice. His top choice for college is Saint Mary’s University in Winona because, three of his brothers went there, he has spent a lot of time on campus, and he has already met numerous faculty members and staff. His advice for younger students would be to try everything. “Do not be afraid to step out and lead, because it may take you to new heights and grant you friends and experience you never dreamed of.” He would also say that it is important to give your best effort in all that you do, because in retrospect, you will have no regrets. You may wish things could be different, but having the knowledge that you did all you could to influence situations gives you a sense of comfort in the end.

  • January 2018 Artist of the Month

    < Middle/High School Academics District Calendar Guidance Office Media Center New Enrollment < Back January 2018 Artist of the Month Samantha Post Samantha Post, daughter of Molly and Brian Post was named January artist of the month at Royalton High School. Post’s favorite hobby is painting and drawing. She has spent a large part of high school in the art room taking art classes. "I decided to paint this painting because it’s a movie that I like, and I thought the cover art of it was interesting." stated Post. "I wanted to paint something that I could take my time on and learn new techniques. I can say I definitely learned quite a bit, like how the lighting on neon signs would be painted, for example. I’ve also never spent this much time on a painting before, which tested my patience, but I think the time was well worth it and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Art is my biggest hobby. I spend a lot of my free time doing something that has to do with art including drawing, painting, embroidery, photoshop, etc. When I graduate, I will definitely miss all the time I’ve spent in the art room the most, working on projects. I plan on maintaining working on my art works because they are something that makes me feel complete." "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up," said visual arts instructor Carl Halverson. "That's a quote from Picasso that I pretty much live by when dealing with talented students like Samantha Post. It's the process of learning that she refers to as making her feel "complete". And once you stop learning, whether you are eighteen or eighty, you grow old at an accelerated pace. For students like Samantha, art classes are a way to express themselves in their own way. Without these means of expression, some of these students feel that have no voice or opinion worth listening to. Her tile painting is not just technically superior to most work, it's a movie clip of a place that she may feel she needs to be part of, far away from where she lives right now. In the RHS art room, these students learn valuable lessons about everything from discipline to compassion; from accepting people for who they are, while be accepted for just being themselves. And through it all, these differences are all worthy and help the young person become who they want to be, rather than what someone else wants them to be. Be Yourself Sam, 'cause you are the best you that this world will ever see."

  • Duane Bobick

    < Hall of Fame Duane Bobick Class of 1968 Inducted May 2010 Duane Bobick is a 1968 graduate of Royalton High School where he excelled in three sports. Ironically, it was a sport that he did not play as a high school student that brought him worldwide fame, boxing. Bobick was a boxer who became the World Amateur Heavyweight Champion in 1971, and also won the gold medal at the 1971 Pan American Games. He fought for the United States at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. Bobick had an outstanding amateur career that included a win over Cuba's famous Teófilo Stevenson at the 1971 Pan American Games. Bobick took down another future champion when he defeated Larry Holmes to be named to the 1972 U.S. Olympic boxing team. Bobick trained with and was managed by heavyweight legend Joe Frazier. He had a tentative contract with Muhammed Ali in 1976, but the fight never materialized. He took a 38-0 record with 32 KO's into the ring against powerful Ken Norton, who was later the heavyweight champion, but lost the bout. Bobick’s pro record was 48-4 with 42 KOs with wins over several notable contenders. Bobick returned to Minnesota and worked in heavy equipment work before a machine accident nearly killed him in 1997. After that he went into coaching and public speaking, using his celebrity to encourage and help others. Bobick was a 1997 Acts of Kindness: Governor's Volunteer Award Winner for his service as a volunteer which included school, church and hospital volunteer work. In November 2006, Bobick was elected as a city councilman in Little Falls. Duane has been married to his wife Debi for over 20 years, they have two daughters.

  • Mary Rose

    < Hall of Fame Mary Rose Distinguished Educator (1963-87) Inducted May 2012 Mary Rose was a beloved teacher in the Royalton School District for many years. Mary attended high school in Mitchell, SD and then became a student at Dakota Wesleyan University from 1945-1949. It was there that Mary met her husband, Don, who was also a teacher and coach. In 1963, the Rose’s were hired in Royalton, with Mary being hired as an English teacher. For over 20 years, Mary was highly involved in the school district teaching English, physical education, directing school plays, accompanying the band and choirs at competition, cheerleading, scorekeeping, and a wide variety of other activities in the school. Mary would be credited with beginning and developing the elementary music program in Royalton. Mary retired from Royalton in 1987 and then spent a lot of time volunteering in the school and community. Mary even volunteered at an elementary school in San Juan, Texas when she and her husband would go south for the winter months. Mary and her late husband, Don, lived on a farm south of Royalton with their children David, Dan, Dana, and Julie.

  • April 2019 Student of the Month

    < Middle/High School Academics District Calendar Guidance Office Media Center New Enrollment April 2019 Student of the Month Brooke Richards Brooke Richards, daughter of Angie and Paul Richards, has been named April Student of the Month at Royalton High School (RHS). Brooke’s favorite class is yearbook, taught by Carl Halverson. “It allows me to use my creativity to create a book with a great group of people. It is a wonderful feeling holding the book in your hands that is full of so many memories, and knowing that you helped to create it from start to finish. Mr. Halverson is a great mentor and always makes sure to point all of us in the right direction, which I am very grateful for. I would also like to give a shout out to Dawn and Mr. Hagman for always listening to me spill tea.” RHS Yearbook Advisor Carl Halverson stated, "I've been doing yearbooks for over thirty years and have had the privilege of working with many great young people. But I've never seen a Senior Editor run the show quite like Brooke did this year. There are four main benchmarks that all Senior Editors strive to hit to complete this 10-15 thousand dollar business venture. The first benchmark is good photography skills that are blended with photo-editing through photoshop, graphic design, and page layout. The second skill is writing articles as well as editing other staffer's written work to make a theme come to life. The third is selling advertising to help fund the book. Usually, a single editor might hit two of these skill sets. Brooke sold a record breaking $2000 in ad sales, designed well over 50 pages, and placed hundreds of photos throughout this year's Royal yearbook. She earned top honors from Josten's company in our state, and our Jostens rep said that he had not heard of another editor nationally who had hit these kind of top-notch parameters. And the fourth skill? She's simply one of the easiest going, nicest young people who has ever graced our staff. Our year-bookers learned so much from her that our book will surely continue our winning tradition. We will miss her smile as well as her genuine, pleasing disposition that greets us every morning as she enters the classroom the most. Best wishes to you Brooke as you enter the next step of your Graphic Arts career." ​ Social studies teacher Jeremy Schaa added, “Brooke Richards is a quiet leader and one of the nicest students I have had the good fortune of teaching. She is a hard worker who is not afraid of taking on a task and seeing it through to completion, even when others give up.” Richards is active in Student Council, Yearbook, National Honors Society, and Spanish Club. A favorite high school memory was hanging out with her friends at prom this year. Her future plans include attending St. Cloud Technical College to earn a degree in marketing and design. Then continue on at St.Cloud State to complete her bachelor’s degree. She also plans to move to California some time after graduating college. Brooke’s advice to freshmen is, “Even though high school feels like it lasts forever, it flies by quicker than you think it will. Make sure to enjoy every moment of it and work as hard as you can. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to write your comp papers.”

  • March 2018 Artist of the Month

    < Middle/High School Academics District Calendar Guidance Office Media Center New Enrollment < Back March 2018 Artist of the Month Mercedes Vosen Mercedes Vosen, daughter of Chris Vosen and Melanie Capetz, has been named Royalton High School's March Artist of the Month. "I think I've taken just about every art class that I could have over the years," said Vosen. "But I never thought that I would have been named an artist of the month at our school. There are so many talented art students in our school." "I remember when I had my first art class in 7th grade. As soon as I entered the room, I knew that this was the place for me." she added. "Since then, I have taken photography, graphic design, sculpture, drawing, painting and a freelance art class that I am taking right now. It was in this class that I think that I created my best piece so far. This was a project that I made for my dad who has always pushed me to never give up. He says, "It's just mind over matter," which kind of is his way of saying that you can do anything that you want to if you just believe that you can. It also helps a lot to have a teacher like Halverson telling you how amazing the drawing was turning out, by pointing out the best parts of my drawing skills. Our family pet turned out the way it did because I was doing the drawing for my dad, and it was finished because a teacher believed that I was about to finish my best project ever." "If I had to choose an artist who works to their full potential out of this senior class, which is full of talented artists, it would be 'Cedes," stated RHS Visual Art Instructor Carl Halverson. "Every young person who enters my room has different talents and abilities. My job is to find out what that talent might be and then convince the student that they just need to believe that it's always been there, it's always been inside of them. I've been asked by many, how a school of our size could have so many talented artists, year after year. I can only answer that there are probably many students in schools all over the country who never have had anyone encourage them enough to bring what they've got inside, to it's full potential. 'Cedes Vosen is a perfect example of a student who has worked hard to become a success in the visual arts. Because she has done this, she will find it easier to believe that she can successfully transition into life's next chapter. Then, life just becomes a game of tag; you encourage those around you by believing in them. You help lift others up to find their strengths. Congratulations 'Cedes! You're 'It!"

  • September 2021 Student of the Month

    < Middle/High School Academics District Calendar Guidance Office Media Center New Enrollment September 2021 Student of the Month Autumn Schoenrock Royalton High School is proud to announce that Autumn Schoenrock was selected as Student of the Month for September. Autumn is the daughter of Jeff and Amy and older sister of Ava, Addison and Alise. Autumn gives her family a lot of credit for where she is today, “My family has probably been one of my biggest motivators when achieving success. From an early age, they taught me the importance of hard-work and determination which shaped me into the student I am today. Growing up with 3 younger sisters, I’ve learned how to share and be a leader. Although we argue, my sisters and I share an inseparable bond which shows in nearly every activity we are involved in together.” At Royalton High School, Autumn is involved in many activities such as: volleyball, basketball, softball, knowledge bowl, MHS, Y.E.S. club, and student council. Autumn believes all these activities have been beneficial for her with each offering her different skills. “Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of teamwork, time management, and goal setting within my activities.” “Autumn is a one-of-a-kind special student. She excels in everything she does, and isn’t afraid to try new things. She is also a great worker and leader, as a coach she is one of those players that you always want on your team. It’s been a pleasure having her in class and coaching her over the years, she will be deeply missed across all areas of Royalton High School when she graduates.”- Brad Baumann, Social Studies teacher and Head Girls Basketball Coach. Just like in school, Autumn enjoys numerous activities outside of school. She loves to hunt, fish camp and is also involved in her church youth group. “I love spending time outdoors, so most of my out-of-school activities occur in the fresh air. Additionally, I enjoy participating in my church youth group because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with other students and friends.” Autumn commented. When it comes to her classes Autumn says her favorite class was College English Comp. “Contrary to many of my classmates, I enjoyed my Composition I class Of course, it was challenging, but I learned so much and found I really love expressing myself through writing. For any student considering taking this class, I highly recommend it. I grew tremendously in my writing skills and knowledge. Plus, the class is college credit!” As for a favorite teacher in high school, Autumn says she would go with Ms. Menden, “One of my favorite teachers was Mrs. Menden. While helping me with class work, she found time to get to know me at a more personal level. Through our conversations, Mrs. Menden encouraged me to branch out as I made my after high school decisions. Because of her, I have been looking into the career of occupational therapy” Autumn’s favorites memory was beating Holdingford in the basketball playoffs last March, “My favorite high school memory was winning against Holdingford in the first round of basketball playoffs. This is my favorite memory not only because it was exciting and fun, but because this game proved how much my team grew over the year. The first time we played Holdingford we lost by nearly 40 points!” For next year, Autumn knows she wants to continue her education, but has yet to decide where she wants to go, “Next year, I plan on attending a 4-year college. I am unsure as to what career I will be pursuing, but I have been looking into elementary education and occupational therapy. I love working with children, so whichever direction I choose, I hope to be involved with kids.” When asked where she wants to be in 10 years, Autumn had this to say. “In 10 years, I hope to be successfully working and providing for my family. I see myself as a strong individual, capable of tackling any issue. One day, I hope to travel around the world learning from new experiences each and every day.” Autumn’s advice to high school freshmen is this, “Freshmen, high school can be challenging, but you’ll only get back as much as you put in; so, work hard, and have fun, for it’ll be senior year before you know it.”

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