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December 2017 Artist of the Month

Adam Beam

Adam Beam is the son of Rick Beam and Amy Klosowski of Royalton. He was chosen as Royalton High School's December Artist of the Month. Beam, a junior, didn't consider himself to be artistic enough to earn this honor.  He found out that art classes at Royalton High School welcome students who wish to explore their talents, and that it's not just for those who are gifted in the "drawing or painting" areas.


"I took the class with the idea of just trying to get my Fine Arts credits to graduate from high school," said Beam. "Mr. Halverson lets students work with whatever materials that they feel like working with in the Art Tech class that I am in. Since I like working with wood, when he mentioned that we should choose a subject that has some kind of meaning to us, I chose to design a sign for my grandparents. Gene and Cindy Gottwalt raise Whitetail and Red deer which I can see from the front window of my house. Sometimes, I help my grandpa do chores which includes feeding the deer. The sign took a lot of time in class and even more out of class. All the letters and deer images had to be cut out of wood, nailed, glued and painted. My class has a lot of very talented artists and I am honored that I earned Artist of the Month. Students work hard and like art classes because Halverson makes them feel like what they are doing is important."


"Adam actually completed this project in the Fall, but I had seniors who had already earned the award the first few months, so he waited patiently," stated Royalton High School's art instructor Carl Halverson. "I really enjoy watching students find a way to connect their work to something that is personal. I've seen so many students forget that they are even in an art class once they are inspired by a thought, memory or idea that comes from the heart. After taking quite a few woodworking classes in high school myself, I can appreciate the hours of hard work, patience and concentration that go in to completing a Design project like this one. I think that one of my favorite parts of teaching is helping a student like Adam, catch a spark with an idea, and then, using his God given strengths and abilities, design his project in his own way.  Few students create and produce a piece of work in high school, that may well outlive themselves. I believe that Adam, along with many of his classmates in our RHS art classes, will continue to do just that. Could you say that it's just a piece of a Legacy? Yup, I knew that you could."

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