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September 2019 Artist of the Month

Matthew Kasella

Matthew Kasella was recently named Royalton High School's September Artist of the Month. He is the son of Rob and Amy Kasella of Morrill, and uses his drawing skills as a creative break from his core classes on a daily basis. What he has learned is far more than just drawing skills.

"I didn't have an art class since sophomore year, so I was really excited to take another drawing class this year," said Kasella. " I enjoy drawing animals, so I decided on a lion, the school mascot, as my first drawing of the year. It's relaxing to take a break from some of my core classes during the day and let my creative side run wild. I also really love watching my drawings progress and improve with each project and enjoy experiencing the other things that I learn along the way."

Royalton High School Art Instructor, Carl Halverson, has been teaching this particular Kasella family of children for many years. While they all have their differences in interests and abilities, they share many of the same characteristics that make them so successful in the classroom.

"Many years back, I coached this kid by the name of Robbie Kasella." stated Halverson. "He had really good athletic abilities on the field. But it was off the field that he impressed me the most. He stood up strongly for the things he believed in, and helped many others out of a jam, without hesitation. At a pep fest, I introduced him as he walked onto the gym floor with these words; "Here's Rob Kasella, #71 on the field, #1 in your heart." And so it is with his youngest son Matthew. Matthew's got that same spirit, and same"big heart," nurtured by his parents and siblings, that impresses me the most. He doesn't have to hang around the popular "click" to feel "more important" than other students. He's far, far above that kind of middle school mentality. I've seen him step up and help out younger students who might be struggling in situations, while many of his senior classmates would probably walk right by. His art abilities continue to amaze me as he works with that same "farm boy" work ethic that I've seen in many of his siblings. How do you test or measure the ability to uplift people around you? They don't teach this in college. But it's the outcome we all would hope to see in our own children. You don't become a teacher for the income.. You teach for the outcome... It's this outcome that this family has given back to me throughout the years I've been at Royalton High School."

"Mr. Halverson is one of the most realistic people that I know." added Kasella. "He relates art class subject matter back to life, with a very enthusiastic and humorous approach. He finds and brings out the good in the people around him. It is this teaching style and genuine concern for students that makes Art classes one of the best parts of my day."

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