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October 2018 Artist of the Month

Isaac Kasella

Isaac Kasella, son of Steve and Colleen Kasella, was recently named as Artist of the Month at Royalton High School. Kasella has always had a passion for the outdoors for as long as he could remember.


"Ever since I could walk, I have been outdoors doing everything under the sun", stated Kasella. "I enjoy doing anything outdoors. I have tried everything from shed hunting to trapping and everything in between. I took the picture of my dog Sadie, and as soon as I took it, I knew that I was going to do a drawing of it this coming school year." Kasella has earned the right to enroll in independent art classes after taking the prerequisites needed to take his talents to the next level.


"I have been taking as many art classes I could since my freshman year. I have taken art techniques, drawing, painting, and ceramics class. I also had the opportunity to be welcomed into the school's yearbook class and joined the staff last year. Next year, I will work in page design, photography editing, journalism, ad sales, and graphic design. I will be promoted to a Senior Editor for my senior year, which is quite an honor in our school," added Kasella.


Royalton High School's Visual Art Instructor and Yearbook Advisor Carl Halverson had these words to describe what a quality young man that Isaac Kasella has become.  "It's one thing to be given a gift in any subject area while attending high school," said Halverson. "But to recognize it, and then put the effort into this talent is all part of the process that many students sadly miss. Isaac works to improve on a daily basis in anything to do with the visual arts. When you consider that there are hundreds of students who walk the hallways at our school, to be chosen as an artist of the month or honored as a Senior Editor of the award winning school yearbook, that puts him in a class by himself. His many hours that have been invested in his high school career in the direction of his abilities through our visual arts program will pay off in his direction of the path to his future. It's the kind of discipline and daily work ethic that is locked inside every student. In this case, this fine young man has found the key to unlock his future through the success that he has earned through his diligent efforts in and out of the classroom. Through his enrollment in Royalton high School's art classes, he has invested in himself. I would most certainly expect a most favorable return on investment no matter what path that the future may hold for him."

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