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November 2019 Artist of the Month

Jordan Pesta

Jordan Pesta, the daughter of Neil Pesta and Brenda Weiss-Pesta, is Royalton High School's November Artist of the Month. She has explored many different electronic mediums besides the usual, traditional applications that are offered at the high school level.

"I’ve always loved doing art, ever since I could pick up a pencil. Mr. Halverson has helped me further my career in art by offering instruction and support in classes like Drawing, Painting, and Graphic Illustration to develop my artistic ability and discover a love of different media. My personal favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor along with drawing digitally on my phone or computer. 

Illustrating and painting have helped to take the worlds out of my head and onto paper and canvas. I want to share the pictures I visualize and the stories I create with the world as much as I can. Each subject has its own abstract way of being viewed, like my toucan painting or watercolor. They are both original paintings inspired by either things I see in life or just brought life in my head. 

Since middle school, I’ve been bringing characters to life and developing stories about their lives in my head. I one day hope to illustrate these stories in a graphic novel. Characters are, in a way, bits and pieces of their creator’s personality projected onto said characters. You create what you are, essentially."


Pesta's favorite teacher at Royalton High School is visual arts instructor, Carl Halverson. Halverson thinks that Pesta is the most diversified of all of the talented art students he has ever seen.

"Jordan excels to new levels in every medium that she picks up," said Halverson. "From traditional to nontraditional artforms; from creating original characters to applying computer generated animation; she transitions so seamlessly. Her original characters tell stories, that are as unique to the reader, as the characters are themselves. The best post secondary options for a student with Jordan's abilities can't be judged by where they are located, but rather, by what they are producing in the way of successful artists. Several artists with a degree earned from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, (Matthew Meyer, Dan Lund, and Justin Weber) for example, were members of the team of animators who created the Disney film Frozen, which won an Oscar. In Jordan's case, I truly believe that she has all of the ability in the world to pursue character development and illustration and as a career. I also believe that any school with a visual art program, in the area or the state for that matter, would welcome Jordan as a student. After all, they are businesses which profit from students attending and filling their programs. But unless they have a program with recent graduates who are extremely successful in their respective fields, they pretty much sound and resemble a "good, honest car salesman", (if one of these types of salesmen actually does exist.) Royalton High School's Visual Arts program has graduates who have become Art Teachers, Graphic Designers, Freelance Artists, Web Page Designers, and Illustrators to name a few of the many careers in the field. We are about to add a Famous Animator to this list in my opinion. All I can do as a high school art instructor, is try to point her in the direction of her strengths. Jordan Pesta has so many artistic strengths, that I believe she will be one of these students who will join the ranks of like the previously mentioned artists above. Artists, who don't sit around at a local pub talking about their glory days of high school. Instead, Artists who have actually held up an Oscar in their hands or published a book that they wrote as well as illustrated. She will be missed around here, but if I were a betting man, I would bet that she will return one day, extremely successful."

After high school, Pesta hopes to attend a college centered around artistic careers or offering pathways to the art field. She has been looking into, and is in the process of applying to, the Academy of Art University, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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