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May 2018 Artist of the Month


This year's MVP's, senior Brooklyn Pekarek and junior Brooke Richards, hold this year's copy of the Royal '18. The idea of the theme, It's Our Brand, was designed into the cover of the book by having the negative shapes around the letter "R" cut out of the cover. The theme was then carried out throughout the book in photos, articles, logos, and by sections. Royalton Yearbook Advisor Carl Halverson stated,"This year we had three leaders in Ad Sales who hit the $1000 mark. Juniors Brooke Richards and Ashley Seurer, and Senior Editor Marshall Meehl should get most of the credit for raising enough funds to afford a book like this one. Without Marshall's efforts the past three years, none of this would have been possible. Here's a letter from our Josten's representative Paul Sorenson that pretty much says it all. By far, our Best Book in our school's history, and by far, the Best Royal Yearbook classroom staff that I've ever seen in over 30 years of advising student publications. Sorenson mentions sending this book in to Jostens for the "Best of" Lookbook which features the top schools in the country.  I can see it now.... L.A., Hollywood high school, Houston, Dallas, and what the heck is this Royaltons deal?"

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