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March 2019 Artist of the Month

Grace Gall

Royalton High School recently named Grace Gall as the March Artist of the Month. Gall, a junior, is the daughter of Jason and Terri Gall. Gall has participated in school musicals and loves to involve herself in singing as well as drawing.

"I have chosen to draw this picture of Mother Teresa as a gift for my grandmother, Kitty Gall's birthday," said Gall.  "It's my way to show her how much I appreciate all of the things that she has done for our family over the years. My intention was to give it to her when I got confirmed, but the picture took me longer than I expected so I couldn't finish it in time."

"I don't think that Grace expected to earn an Artist of the Month honor," stated Royalton Visual Art Instructor Carl Halverson. "Grace has taken many different classes in the music and visual art areas at Royalton High School.  Some artistically gifted students are never involved in working in an actual art classroom, on a daily basis. Can you imagine a basketball or football team that had no practices, but instead, just showed up at games?  Can you imagine a talented band or choir student who just practiced the "same old music, day after day," all alone; then showed up the night of the concert?  The result would be much the same as what I see when a student has a lot of talent, but never practices these technical skills on a daily basis. Then you add, in this case, "the Granny Factor." When I see a student really strive to finish a project, the drive is usually not just in the subject matter. It usually focuses on the person who will be receiving the gift. Grace invested more than fifty hours into the drawing of Mother Teresa not because of her love for Mother Teresa. She had a specific goal in mind; To deliver her gift to someone that she loves, someone who is very special."

After high school, Gall sees herself going to a small college to pursue a major in Sociology and Music Therapy as well as a minor in art education. After college she hopes to be happily married with a big family.

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