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January 2020 Artist of the Month

Logan Sullivan

Royalton High School sophomore Logan Sullivan was recently named January Artist of the month. Sullivan is the son of Luke and Laura Sullivan, and credits his parents for guiding him in the area of the visual arts.


"My dad doesn't like to admit it, but he is very talented in the arts." stated Sullivan. " My mother graduated from Royalton High School and not only provided me with materials to pursue the visual arts, but also helped me to take school more seriously. Without her encouragement, I don't think I would be doing nearly the level of artwork that I am currently." he added.

"Logan Sullivan has the ability to take subject matter apart and then put the shapes back together again, much  the same way as in the style of Cubism," stated Royalton High School Art Instructor Carl Halverson. 

"In middle school, students first learn vocabulary which centers on the elements and principles of design. They are then tested to make sure that they understand this first step. After learning the vocabulary of art, it then can then be applied and practiced to more clearly understand the meaning of the artwork, rather than just the process of applying paint to "make a really cool picture." For students like Logan, an artwork's success doesn't mirror reality. The meaning is in his understanding and application of the elements of art, the tools, which include the lines, shapes, colors, and textures.  It is unified by the principles, the rules of art, which include emphasis, contrast, balance and pattern to name a few. His work pushes the boundaries of art itself. It is unique and original, which pretty much describes Logan Sullivan."

"My biggest inspiration for my art is my sister, Maja." said Sullivan. "She is very gifted in the visual and vocal arts.  Maja attended the Perpich Institute of Art, which in turn, has influenced me a lot. She taught me things about art and I learned a lot about myself as well. I hadn't been very involved in Art until about eighth grade. That's when I really learned the basics, and practiced the fundamental skills of the elements and principles of design. Once I started to work again in ninth grade drawing class, I never looked back. I am largely inspired by Salvador Dali's subject matter but my favorite artists would include Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, and Andy Warhol. After I graduate from the Perpich Institute of Art, I hope to attend the University of Arizona. I am very grateful for my family and for Mr. Halverson for providing me with many opportunities to learn and further my artistic career.

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