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January 2018 Artist of the Month

Samantha Post

Samantha Post, daughter of Molly and Brian Post was named January artist of the month at Royalton High School. Post’s favorite hobby is painting and drawing. She has spent a large part of high school in the art room taking art classes.


"I decided to paint this painting because it’s a movie that I like, and I thought the cover art of it was interesting." stated Post. "I wanted to paint something that I could take my time on and learn new techniques. I can say I definitely learned quite a bit, like how the lighting on neon signs would be painted, for example. I’ve also never spent this much time on a painting before, which tested my patience, but I think the time was well worth it and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  Art is my biggest hobby. I spend a lot of my free time doing something that has to do with art including drawing, painting, embroidery, photoshop, etc. When I graduate, I will definitely miss all the time I’ve spent in the art room the most, working on projects. I plan on maintaining working on my art works because they are something that makes me feel complete."


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up," said visual arts instructor Carl Halverson. "That's a quote from Picasso that I pretty much live by when dealing with talented students like Samantha Post. It's the process of learning that she refers to as making her feel "complete". And once you stop learning, whether you are eighteen or eighty, you grow old at an accelerated pace. For students like Samantha, art classes are a way to express themselves in their own way. Without these means of expression, some of these students feel that have no voice or opinion worth listening to. Her tile painting is not just technically superior to most work, it's a movie clip of a place that she may feel she needs to be part of, far away from where she lives right now.  In the RHS art room, these students learn valuable lessons about everything from discipline to compassion; from accepting people for who they are, while be accepted for just being themselves. And through it all, these differences are all worthy and help the young person become who they want to be, rather than what someone else wants them to be. Be Yourself Sam, 'cause you are the best you that this world will ever see."

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