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February 2020 Artist of the Month

Isaac Kasella

Isaac Kasella, son of Steve and Colleen Kasella, was recently named February Artist of the Month at Royalton High School. Kasella, a senior, has taken many art classes at the middle and high school, and was also named this year's Most Valuable Editor on the 2020 Yearbook Staff.

"I have taken as many art classes as I could since I was in 7th grade," said Kasella. "My love for the outdoors and hunting and fishing was one of the main things that I would draw in my art classes. It was a way that I could take my mind off of school and be thinking of what I might be doing when I was out of school. My sophomore year, Mr. Halverson introduced me to yearbook during a Design class. Creating the yearbook was very interesting and after the past three years, I was the Lead Senior Editor." Kasella added.


"Isaac Kasella is one of the most "hard-headed" young people who I have ever had the privilege to work with," stated RHS Visual Arts instructor Carl Halverson. "I mean that as a compliment actually. When Isaac was a sophomore, I had about a dozen students in his class who had different sets of skills. Some had photography skills, some had writing, and a few had really good leadership skills. I have been doing yearbook as a class for over thirty years and we've won many different awards from three different publishing companies. One thing remains constant through all of these years. The student who might not have the most talent or ability just might surprise you as he becomes the best leader in the entire class. While other classmates would get frustrated about trivial problems that would make most people give up, Isaac Kasella simply wouldn't throw in the towel. Farm folks might refer to this as "Hard-headed" or "Stubborn." I actually see many students like this who became the owners of local businesses simply because they refused to lose. There are many second and third generation farmers who now own and run the entire operation who also prove my point. Isaac's drawing skills have also surpassed those who didn't commit to the hours needed to reach their true potential. He finished proofing the last few pages of our yearbook the other day. All I could do was say "Thanks," as he walked out the door.  Thanks to a graduating senior who will rise to the top, no matter which career he chooses."


Kasella will be attending Alexandria Technical and Community College where he is enrolled in the Diesel Mechanics program.

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