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February 2019 Artist of the Month

Alexandra Storkamp

Alexandra Storkamp, daughter of Lisa and Scott Storkamp was named Royalton High School's February Artist of the Month. Alex has two older sister's who graduated from Royalton who also enjoyed art. Finally reaching her Senior year, Storkamp worked hard to earn the achievement due to her passion for the subject.

"I felt like I had always been competing with my sister's over who was better in certain areas of art. Once I reached high school I made sure to always have an art class because there was nothing I enjoyed more. The competition didn't really matter to me." said Storkamp.


"Growing as an artist has been difficult because the subjects I chose were usually fairly creepy and dark. Recently I have started to incorporate color into my art opposed to doing charcoal or graphite works, and I find that I actually enjoy it much more!"

Surrealism is a 20th-century movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Surrealism became the most influential movement in twentieth century art with one of it's leaders, Salvador Dali, being one of the most famous.

"I chose to study Surrealism because the style fits me so well. I admit, Dali was a little bit crazy," said Storkamp, "But I chose him as an artist because I aspire to be different, and accepted for being different. Art is what makes me who I am. Mr. Halverson always pushes kids to challenge themselves as artists, and just to be proud of who they are. Before my he passed, my Dad always told me, that if I truly loved something, I should prove it. I should do this by staying true to myself, my beliefs, and be known for it. I am leaving behind art work at Royalton High School because it shows who I was as a student, and where i am going in my future."

"Alexandra has been one of the hardest working students I've seen in many years," stated Visual Arts Instructor Carl Halverson. "She's 2019's best visual artist not just because she has worked so hard to earn it, but because she is confident to break her own path in life. These days of electronic visual communication, many students get caught up in the drama of trying to be someone who they really aren't in hopes of attaining followers or get a high number of "likes". Some may continue to spend more time following others on social media than finding their own path in which they could actually lead. The Art room is a place in this school where being yourself is not just some words painted on a wall as you enter the room. It's a place where we celebrate student's artistic gifts without all of the drama included. There's no reason to post it, or count any thumbs up icons. It is who they are as a person that is so much more important than that. I've had a star athletes figure this out their senior year. They actually walked up and told me that they finally realize that they are so much more than just a high school athlete. They probably won't be at the local pub at their ten year reunion, talking about high school games that happened a decade ago. Hopefully, a high school game won't be even in the consideration to be "the best day of their life." Instead, they will have discovered and experienced so many awesome things  since then, that they will might be a bit bored with those who are still stuck in the Glory Days that have passed them by.  I'm amazed and impressed with Alexandra's journey and growth, not just an artist, but as a person. I will continue cheering for her as she continues to move forward, and hopefully find and experience all of the new and exciting adventures that life has to offer. These are the moments that are almost too good to post....."

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