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February 2018 Artist of the Month

Marshall Meehl

Marshall Meehl, the son of Robert and Cheryl Meehl was recently named February Artist of the month at Royalton High School. He has been a leader in the school's Yearbook class for the past three years where he broke the all time school record for most ad sales. These sales not only paid for computers and software to run programs, but helped to keep the yearbooks affordable for all students. "I have always enjoyed drawing when I was younger," said Meehl. "That kind of runs in my family. The yearbook ad sales record just seemed easy for me."   


"I started teaching more than a few years back, and actually remember teaching Bob Meehl, the father of these talented boys," stated Royalton High School Visual Art Instructor Carl Halverson. "It was no surprise when Marshall showed up as a seventh grader with these same kinds of superior visual art talents. It was an added bonus, and a very pleasant surprise to see him out sell any sophomore in school history in yearbook class. Marshall has taken most of the high school art electives, and while he excels in each area, his drawing skills have seen the most significant growth. Every student in the school searches to find these areas that interest them the most, and hopefully, may lead them somewhere as they graduate from high school. There is no doubt in my mind that Marshall will use his sales and marketing skills in his future. After all, every student must use these same skills to "sell themselves" as they apply to a post secondary school, or even to fill out a job application. I hope that he continues to work to develop his artistic talents as well in his future. We will most definitely miss the funds that he has generated over the years to improve our yearbooks.  More than anything else though, I will personally miss his "off the wall" sense of humor and his genuine concern for his peers."


"This being my senior year, makes everything that much more special," added Meehl. "I remember the very first time I walked in to my seventh grade art class and Halverson telling me that I had some of the same talents that my brothers had. After every project, I would go home and compare mine to my brother's work. Even though I never thought that mine measured up to their work, he would just keep encouraging me to focus on doing "My Best" and not to focus on what I couldn't control. In that way, he's helped me through all areas throughout the years. We've talked about not just improving as an artist, but focusing on just being a better person and looking out for others too. It's been a journey with Halverson and the Art Department that I do not take for granted, and one I will never forget."

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