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Mary Jane and Carolyn DeZurik
Mary Jane and Carolyn DeZurik
Community Members
Inducted May 2012

Mary Jane and Carolyn DeZurik were born and raised on a farm east of Royalton. Joe and Mary DeZurik raised seven children including a son and six daughters who all loved to play and perform.


Mary Jane and Carolyn used a mix of trick vocalizations, wildlife sounds, and yodels to create a distinct sound. They began their professional journey by winning various amateur competitions in central Minnesota. The DeZurik sisters were selected to perform on KSTP radio in St. Paul and to perform at the Morrison County Fair where they were noticed by a performer on the National Barn Dance Radio and Stage Show. They were invited to perform and were eventually hired by the performing company. The sisters traveled to Hollywood and appeared in a movie called “Barnyard Follies”.


Carolyn and Mary Jane were hired by Purina Mills and appeared in advertising and soon found themselves performing weekly at the Grand Ole Opry and on television shows called Midwestern Hayride and National Barn Dance.


Mary Jane died in 1981, sister Lorraine DeZurik (Kosny) who performed with her sisters passed away in May 2009, and Carolyn DeZurik (Gill) passed away at the age of 90 in 2009.

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