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Leo Wenner
Leo Wenner
Class of 1954
Inducted May 2011

Leo Wenner graduated from Royalton High School in 1954. He began driving bus for the Royalton School District in 1959 and in 2011, 52 years later you can still find Leo behind the wheel of a school bus. To put this in perspective, a senior about to graduate from RHS in 1959 at the age of 18 would most likely be retired today and would be looking forward to their 70th Birthday in the next few years!


Leo has driven our busses as a route driver and has transported many teams and activity busses over the years. The average school bus route in the Royalton District is approximately 38 miles. If you average this route twice a day for approximately 170 days per year for 52 years, the mileage adds up to almost 672,000 miles in a Royalton school bus!


Leo has transported his, and his wife Joan’s, children and grandchildren as students at RHS.

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