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Upcoming School Board Meeting

Monday, August 22, 2022 @ 6:00 P.M.  
Regular Board Meeting | In-Person and Broadcasted

**ECC (Early Childhood Center) Foyer -
Enter Through Door #1**

120 South Hawthorn, Royalton

or Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 971 5024 9686
Passcode: 95hLWe



We are pleased you are interested in enrolling your child in Royalton Public Schools!  


Give us a call at (320) 584-4000 or use the link below.


4 "C"ing Our Future

Create a Collaborative and Caring Community where all students are inspired to achieve excellence in their learning, performance, integrity and leadership.


Royalton's Voice is a forum for YOU to share your questions, concerns, compliments, and more. Each post is anonymous and will be reviewed by school personnel. If you'd like a response, just include your email address. We hope this will be an avenue to have greater communication with you long-term

Good things are happening. 
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