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March 2022 Student of the Month

Ella Sliter

Royalton High School is proud to announce that Ella Sliter was selected as Student of the Month for March. Ella is the daughter of Greg and Sara. Ella believes her family has been vital in teaching her and helping her learn many things, “My family has taught me to have a hard work ethic, leadership, a positive attitude, and overall enjoy what is going on. While these past few years have been hectic, my family enjoys going on walks, watching movies, being outside, shopping, and whatever we feel like doing.”

Outside of school Ella spends her time working and getting involved in her local church. She works at Pacific Wok in Sartell and Gliks Boutique in St. Cloud. She also leads a small group in church during Vacation Bible School.

In school Ella says she doesn’t have just one favorite teacher she has 3 and they are Mr. Silbernick, Ms. Gerads, and Mrs. Noerenberg. She also has a couple favorite classes in Human Body Systems and Physics. Ella says, “In HBS I loved being able to dive deeper into what a human body actually does. My favorite part about the class would have been dissecting a cow eyeball. I would recommend to anyone who has interest in the medical field to take HBS. Physics is also another one of my top classes, which is weird because I dread the work done in the class. I think it is one of my favorite classes just because of the people and the teacher.”

Ella has also been involved in a number of activities during her time at Royalton High School. She has been involved in Minnesota Honor Society, Y.E.S/Tech Club, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Basketball, and Softball. Ella believes each activity has given her a learning experience, “Each activity has taught me teamwork, leadership, and time efficiency.”

When looking back her memories in high school this is what Ella had to say “My favorite high school memory honestly would have to be all the countless memories made throughout the past few years. A couple that sticks out the most would be the memories made from basketball. One would be watching all the bloopers on film aka Alise getting hit on the head with a ball, and Autumn tripping over air.”

Next year Ella plans to head out west and attend Montana State University. Ella isn’t quite sure what she wants to major in yet, but she’s ok with that at this time, “My plans next year are to attend Montana State University. As of right now, I am going in as undecided. I chose Montana State because I love the mountains, and I am ready to spread my wings (cliche I know).”

Ella’s advice for freshmen was this, “have fun while you can. Also, PSEO classes will save you in the long run.”

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