Strategic Plan


A-1.  Gather data to gauge perceptions on the safety & orderliness of the schools. Identify and address areas of unsatisfactory performance. Resurvey two times during the year for progress


A-2.  HS/MS and EL Schools each apply to become certified Level 1 “Highly Reliable Schools” (HRS).


A-3.  District Leadership team participants in making District Decisions for continual improvement of our schools. 


A-4.  Support preK-12 teachers with effective collaborative teaming time and using added time efficiently in “CT’s”


A-5.  Develop systems for staff input.


A-6.  Ensure all stakeholders are represented on Districtwide Committees.


A-7.  Safe, Caring, and Collaborative Environment for students, parents, staff, and community


B-1.  Develop a clear understanding of the preK-12 Marzano Instructional Framework and create a preK-12 Royalton Model of Instruction (Should See, Might See, and Never See)


B-2.  Teachers select element(s) to focus on as part of their professional growth plans.


B-3.  Instructional Rounds for each building initially with Sourcewells assistant.


B-4.  Begin Training of Teacher Coaches for classroom instructional rounds.


B-5. Begin Instructional Rounds by Teachers and Administrators to help support Instructional Improvements.


B-6.  Celebrate Successes of Students, Teachers, and Support Staff.


C-1. Continue to enhance understanding of the MN Academic Standards by aligning preK-12 curriculum (vertically & horizontally) & prioritizing standards.


C-2. Begin teaching to the Standards using Proficiency Scales developed in Collaborative Teams (CT’s).


C-3. Before the end of this school year have full Proficiency Scales for standards posted online for one discipline so parents, students, and the world can .


C-4. Begin working on assessments which are “criterion-referenced” to the Proficiency Scales.

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