Safe Return to Learning Plan
2021-2022 School Year


  • Preschool: In-Person Learning

  • Grades K-12: ​In-Person Learning

Update January 2022:

Language has been updated to reflect the CDC and MDH changes to quarantine/isolation for COVID positive people and close contacts of those that are confirmed as COVID positive.


Update September 2021:

Per OSHA requirements all individuals entering the nurse’s station must wear a mask while receiving or providing care regardless of job title. Masks will be available in the office. Cleaning will take place after each visit as well as thorough cleaning every evening. 


August 10th, 2021

Welcome back families to the 2021-2022 School Year. We are excited to have our students back with us and looking forward to an exciting year of learning.

At this time, Royalton Public Schools will NOT require the use of masks in school buildings or grounds, except on school buses as required by the State of Minnesota and the federal government. Additionally Royalton Public Schools will not require COVID-19 vaccinations or requirement of proof of vaccination status. The District will comply with all state and federal regulations as they relate to COVID-19 issues, including any requirements related to masks and vaccinations.

  • Transportation: Students will have assigned seating as arranged by the Transportation Director. Athletic/Activity teams will assign their seating. Bus riders will be expected to stay in their seats to and from their destination. Students will be required to wear a mask for the entire bus trip. 

  • PODs/Social Distancing

    • Classes will run as normal (HS)

    • Attempt to limit cross-grade intermixing while in the building (ES)

  • Contact Tracing: This is a recommendation by MDE/MDH. We will allow families to choose whether or not they would like to quarantine due to Close Contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.

    • Royalton Public Schools will make every effort necessary to contact trace possible exposures and relay information to families so they can make an informed decision.

      • If your child has been exposed to some that is COVID-19 positive while attending school, you will be notified through School Messenger. Feel free to follow up with the nurse's office at your child’s school for more information regarding options.

        • As an example, this is the type of message that would be shared:

          • Text: From HS, your child has been exposed to COVID, please call 320-584-xxxx to find out more details

          • Email: From High School: Dear Parent/Guardian, your child at the High School has been exposed to a COVID positive individual on X/X/2021. At this time, we do not require that your child quarantines, but you may choose to do so. If you have further questions or need further clarification, please call: 320-584-xxxx

        • If your child is a close contact and you choose to quarantine, please contact the Attendance Secretary at your child’s school to discuss further arrangements.

  • Handling a COVID-19 positive individual: Royalton Public Schools will require anyone (student or staff) that tests positive for COVID-19 to quarantine until the following three criteria are met:

    • They feel better. Their cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms are better; and,  

    • It has been five (5) days since they first felt sick or tested positive (with day zero being the positive test or symptoms start); and, 

    • They have had no fever for at least 24 hours, without using medicine that lowers fever.

    • Source:

    • Those returning on day six, wear a mask through day ten.

    • Students/Parents and Employees are expected to monitor their health conditions and not enter a school building if they are demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Distance Learning

  • Distance learning is available for those that are COVID-19 positive.

  • If a Close Contact of COVID-19 chooses to quarantine and the time out of school is longer than five school days, distance learning may be available on a case-by-case basis for the quarantine period.

  • There is no distance learning instruction available for routine absences.

  • Middle and High School lunches will be run as normal; Elementary lunches will be served in the cafeteria by grade level.

  • Recess at the Elementary and Early Childhood Center (ECC) will run as normal.

  • Water Fountains:

    • Hands-free water bottle stations are available as well as the bubbler function of the drinking fountain. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

  • Disinfecting/Cleaning

    • Nightly Cleaning of areas in the building are scheduled. 

    • Disinfecting of spaces routinely (ex: wiping lunch tables between use)

    • Spray Bottles and Hand Sanitizer available throughout the school.

      • Spray used on surfaces is non-abrasive or an irritant to skin or respiratory systems and is safe to use in school settings.

    • Continuing cleaning procedures we set out in 2020-2021

  • ​Proper Hand Hygiene should continue:

    • Handwashing: use soap and hot water for 20 seconds.

    • Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Each classroom has hand sanitizer available.

    • Keep your hands away from your face.

  • If a student becomes ill during the school day, he/she will be referred to the Nurse’s office for evaluation.

    • The student will either go home or return to class/assignment after assessment by our nurse.

  • MAP at the Elementary and ECC level will follow the same procedures as the Elementary school.

  • The COVID-19 Incident Team will meet when there is a potential learning model change based on county, community, and school related data that may affect our schools.

    • If conditions require an immediate change in the school learning model, the School Board Chair - Randy Hackett, School Board Incident Member - Russ Gerads, and the Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Kristine Wehrkamp will bring the recommendation to the School Board for an Emergency Meeting. If an Emergency meeting cannot be scheduled, the three members will move forward with the change of the “Scenario Status.”

  • The COVID-19 Advisory Committee will meet periodically to discuss improvements to our COVID-19 response.

  • We want to keep our schools open, please partner with us in ensuring everyone has a safe learning environment, which includes staying home when you are sick. 


If you have any questions or concerns, below is a list of contacts that oversee various aspects of the District.

  • Direct Contact:

    • COVID Coordinator/Activities Director: Anthony Neumann (320) 584-4257

    • Transportation: Majorie Smith (320) 584-4255

    • Elementary Nurse: Robyn Nyreen/Miranda Pogreba (320) 584-4162

    • Secondary Nurse: Robyn Nyreen/Miranda Pogreba (320) 584-4243

    • Food Service: Amy Krueger (320) 584-4247

    • Building and Grounds: Tony Duevel (320) 584-4251

    • Technology: David Lemm (320) 584-4260

    • Community Education: Theodore Hanson (320) 584-4258

    • Elementary and Early Childhood: Dr. Phil Gurbada (320) 584-4163

    • Middle and High School: Joel Swenson (320) 584-4242

    • Superintendent: Dr. Kristine Wehrkamp (320) 584-4250​

  • Royalton Voice - Online feedback form that sends an email to the building/department/administrator you choose.

  • We will contact you with emails, phone calls, and text messages through School Messenger.



Scenario #1 - In-Person Learning

  • We will create as much space between students and teachers as we feasible can during the day, but will not be held strictly to enforcing three feet of social distancing during primary instructional time in the classroom.

  • When there is a COVID-19 Close Contact situation, families who choose to quarantine their children who are close contacts, families are to call in and communicate their desire to determine the appropriate return to school date, as well as get their child set up with concurrent instruction in collaboration with the building principal.

  • Families do not have the option to enter into concurrent instruction for any period of time for any other illness.

  • There will be no full time Distance Learning option at the Elementary Middle School, or High School level. Districts have to apply for provisional approval for using Distance Learning as a medium to deliver instruction. We have not done that, so we are not able to offer distance learning to any of our students at this time.


Scenario #2 - Hybrid Learning

Strict Social Distancing - Schools are limited to 50% maximum capacity in the rooms.

  • Grades K-12

    • 2 days of in-person attendance, 3 days of distance learning

Scenario #3 - Distance Learning Only

Students receive instruction virtually, but schools may also be open to provide services to students with special needs.​


Updated 1/10/2022