We Believe:

  • a strong curriculum that emphasizes reading, writing, and math to support measurable, high levels of learning helping students to achieve their potential in all subjects.

  • with appropriate support, engaging and challenging environment, every child can learn and succeed at a high level.

  • assessment is a tool used to support high levels of learning and make adjustments in curriculum and instruction.

  • our students and staff must use time in efficient, productive, creative, and collaborative ways.

  • the Arts and extracurricular participation enhance every child's education and quality of life.

  • social, emotional relationship skills are an essential part of a child’s education. Positive role models build character and self-worth; we must emphasize and be those positive role models.

  • every child graduating from Royalton will be prepared for career opportunities and post high school education.


Create a welcoming and safe environment where all students and staff are empowered and challenged to achieve their personal best.


Our vision is to develop lifelong learners who adapt creatively to an ever-changing world.

To make the Royalton Vision become a reality the District will:

  • build a culture where students take risks and use mistakes as opportunities solve problems and learn (Growth Mindset). FAIL an acronym for First Attempt In Learning.

  • focus all learning on an aligned standards based curriculum that emphasizes higher levels of thinking (depth of knowledge & rigor).

  • students do not learn in the same way or rate. We will personalize learning by adjusting to the individual needs, styles, and interests of our students.

  • develop reading skills to support students lifelong learning.

  • developing personal and global communication skills through multiple means of communication and collaboration

  • enhance and develop critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems.

  • prepare students for the impact of change by learning how to collaborate with people in the community, nationally and globally.

  • gather and use reliable data from multiple local and electronic sources to make decisions, solve problems, increase learning, improve instruction, and ensure accountability.

  • provide high quality opportunities for student growth in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  • model, teach and value hard work, caring, integrity, responsibility, and honesty.