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district administrative Team

Who We Are


Royalton Public Schools welcomes families and the community to be partners with us in providing an outstanding school experience for our students. Students are our number one priority whether it's in the classroom, clubs, sports, or enrichment activities. We strive to create a positive culture and climate to give students and staff the opportunity to reach their highest potential.


Our goal is for graduates of RHS to take what they have learned during their time at school and translate those experiences into successful careers in their fields of choice.  My job is to help develop those learning opportunities while also helping to guide students to become productive, problem-solving, and outstanding members of our community. 


Elementary education is the foundation to instill a love of learning. Everyday we strive to be positive role models to provide students what they need, when they need it, while fostering individuality and creativity. 

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My role as a Community Education Director affords me the opportunity to impact our learning community from our youngest learners in preschool to the most senior learners of our community. My work as a Human Resources Director supports the employees of our school community as they navigate employment and benefit election. Both of these roles are very important to me as they impact members of our schools and communities and aid our students in having a positive school experience. 


As Assistant Principal, I help students become positive community members. As the Activities Director, I encourage students to become active in Royalton's various activities. Seeing students connect with others through school and activities is one of the many highlights of my position.


My role as Director of Technology facilitates access to digital resources, enabling students to engage with interactive learning materials and collaborate effectively. By integrating technology into the curriculum, students receive enhanced learning experiences, and catering to diverse learning styles. Ultimately, my role empowers students to navigate and thrive in a technologically-driven world, preparing them for future academic and career endeavors.

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As Buildings & Grounds Director my goal is to provide safe, clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing buildings, ball fields, and green spaces for students, staff and community to use and be proud of. 

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As Transportation Director, I oversee the safest mode of transportation to and from school for our students. Our team of drivers strives to provide a safe environment while on the bus where they can interact and socialize with their peers as they prepare or unwind from their day. We impact the lives of our students everyday by making a positive first and last interaction with them each school day. 

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