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November 2017 Artist of the Month

Jason Kasella

Jason Kasella, son of Rob and Amy Kasella of Morrill, has earned the honor of Royalton High School's November Artist of the Month. Kasella, used one of his favorite hobbies, bowhunting, as inspiration to create his freehand, graphite drawing.


"This Fall I took a trip to New Mexico to go bow hunting Elk with my dad, and his good buddy 'Bones', (my second dad)." stated Kasella. " Although it meant missing a week of football, I didn't second guess this trip. Everything, from the scenery to the number of elk we saw, stuck with me long after the trip ended. I actually passed up a nice five by five, in hopes of getting a shot at a monster elk that I saw, like the one that I drew in this picture."


"I haven't seen Jason in an art class for a while," stated Royalton High School's art instructor, Carl Halverson. "It doesn't matter how long it's been though because he's got that "I'm in it to win it" attitude and work ethic. This same mind set that propels him as an athlete all the way to the State Wrestling Tourney, is mirrored in this pencil drawing. I've seen so many students who seem to be lost as they search for a direction to go after they graduate from high school. They seem fearful and confused by the number of people who constantly try to steer them towards an unknown goal in life. Then, there is this Kasella kid. He doesn't seem to be confused or afraid of anything because he is confident that he will simply outwork the competition. He's got that "farm boy work ethic" mixed with a quiet confidence that almost guarantees him success in whatever, or wherever his future may lead. Add to this, a quick-witted sense of humor, and life in the future looks as bright and exciting as his hunting trip with his two, three or even four dads who happen to be tagging along....."


"Halverson has been teaching for thirty-some years. He still has the rare ability to push us to relate to our projects so that we are more motivated to work," added Kasella. "He is a "darn' good" teacher and makes his class very enjoyable, and my favorite of the day."

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