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March 2018 Artist of the Month

Mercedes Vosen

Mercedes Vosen, daughter of Chris Vosen and Melanie Capetz, has been named Royalton High School's March Artist of the Month. "I think I've taken just about every art class that I could have over the years," said Vosen. "But I never thought that I would have been named an artist of the month at our school. There are so many talented art students in our school."


"I remember when I had my first art class in 7th grade. As soon as I entered the room, I knew that this was the place for me." she added. "Since then, I have taken photography, graphic design, sculpture, drawing, painting and a freelance art class that I am taking right now. It was in this class that I think that I created my best piece so far. This was a project that I made for my dad who has always pushed me to never give up. He says, "It's just mind over matter," which kind of is his way of saying that you can do anything that you want to if you just believe that you can. It also helps a lot to have a teacher like Halverson telling you how amazing the drawing was turning out, by pointing out the best parts of my drawing skills. Our family pet turned out the way it did because I was doing the drawing for my dad, and it was finished because a teacher believed that I was about to finish my best project ever."  


"If I had to choose an artist who works to their full potential out of this senior class, which is full of talented artists, it would be 'Cedes," stated RHS Visual Art Instructor Carl Halverson. "Every young person who enters my room has different talents and abilities. My job is to find out what that talent might be and then convince the student that they just need to believe that it's always been there, it's always been inside of them. I've been asked by many, how a school of our size could have so many talented artists, year after year. I can only answer that there are probably many students in schools all over the country who never have had anyone encourage them enough to bring what they've got inside, to it's full potential. 'Cedes Vosen is a perfect example of a student who has worked hard to become a success in the visual arts. Because she has done this, she will find it easier to believe that she can successfully transition into life's next chapter.  Then, life just becomes a game of tag; you encourage those around you by believing in them. You help lift others up to find their strengths. Congratulations 'Cedes! You're 'It!"

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